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Snow Mountain
enjoyzentThousands of mountains and white snow, on the hard ground, the deeper the winter, the deeper the snow. When the snow falls in every corner of this place, you will understand what a true snowy paradise is, with a firm faith standing, and because of that faith, you will be grateful and compassionate. The Animaqing Snow Mountain in the winter, the sacred mountain covered with snow all the year round, is unsurprisingly filled with affectionate and unmeltable white snow, and the tentacles of the Snow Fairy have already stretched out to a wider land.
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D88***85The Raja Temple was originally named "Tashi Gongdelin" (Auspicious Guang'an Temple), and later changed to "Gandan Tashi Jiongni" (a source of good and auspicious origin), also known as "Jiayang Temple", which is the most famous along the Yellow River in our province Gelugpa monastery. The temple was founded by Arou Geshe and belongs to the Sera Monastery.
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panpan1974Opposite the State Party Committee and State Government, Tuanjie Road has been built for several years, but it has not been opened. I heard that there is nothing inside. It looks like a museum from the outside. The construction is quite large and a bit wasteful.
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老黄1971Animaqing Snow Mountain is not only a natural scenery, but also a myth that has a mysterious color. "Ani" Tibetan meaning for the ancestors, and contains beautiful heart, happiness or general meaning. "Maqing" means the largest mountain in the Yellow River, and also has a magnificent meaning. The local Tibetans think that Animaqing Xuefeng is one of the twenty-one sacred snow mountains of "Bokawa Magon", and is the fourth-ranking Spartan Berag among nine gods who created the heavens and the earth. Is the dominant mountain, river, earth power is unparalleled, the gods of the vast mountain god.
Nearby City
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潇洒哥天涯海角Really good...[price/quality][interest][view] can be

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Lajia TempleGolog,China

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Animaqing MountainGolog,China

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Animaqing Xue MountainGolog,China

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Qinghai Golog Gesa'er MuseumGolog,China

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Maqin AirportGolog,China

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Shennv Peak, GuoluoGolog,China

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Maqin Weather

Oct 22, 2021
-4 ~ 10
Oct 23, 2021
-1 / 10
Oct 24, 2021
-1 / 5
Oct 25, 2021
-4 / 5
Oct 26, 2021
-2 / 7
Oct 27, 2021
-5 / 4
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Maqin
Oct 22, 2021 Maqin Weather: Clear, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 47%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:31/18:36
Maqin Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Low

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