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27 Reviews
Historical Site
fyqj1234Japan’s famous cities are said to have hundreds of choices, but in fact, the only ones left are Himeji, Matsue, Matsumoto, and Inuyama. Matsue is probably the most difficult to walk among the national treasure-class cities, if you don’t drop by Izumo Taisha, with the location of Shimane Prefecture, basically will not come, and it is just that, on the contrary, such a small city makes people feel very peaceful. Songjiang Castle is a relatively large park. You can see the castle tower by climbing a section of the hillside. You need to buy tickets to enter the castle, but it is not expensive and there are special discounts for foreigners. The preservation of the Songjiang Tianshou is mainly attributed to the protection of several local landlords, so there is a very historical feeling here, and because of the remote location, there are not many restrictions on tourists, the way to visit is relatively free, and the exhibits did not deliberately stop taking pictures. Although the castle is not high, the stairs inside are so steep. You still need to be careful when climbing up and down. You can see the scenery of Lake Shindo by climbing to the top floor. Personally, I feel that this place is incomparable to Himeji. Compared to Matsumoto Castle, this place is a little smaller. It may be due to the weather. I don’t think it is very beautiful. Maybe when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, you will see a difference. Tianshou. Anyway, it is strongly recommended to take a look
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国安是冠军No1There is a bus from Songjiang Station, which takes about 25 minutes. The first picture is the station where you got off the train. Walk for about 5-10 minutes to Yuzhien. Discount for foreigners. The garden is not big, but very delicate. When leaving, there is a bus to Songjiang City at the gate. Therefore, it is recommended to take a bus from Songjiang Station to Yuzhi Garden in the morning, and take a bus at the gate to Songjiang City after the tour.
10 Reviews
137***66[Scenery] It connects Sakaiminato City in Tottori Prefecture and Matsue City in Shimane Prefecture. PC5 spans a continuous hinged ramen box girder bridge. Since it is famous for its mini-car ads, I want to go there and try to drive a rental car. When I get to Songjiang, I also recommend using engine braking. [Fun] On the Songjiang side, there is a convenience store with a large parking lot (a family market/a bridge that also sells bridges and souvenirs), so it is fun to look at the bridge while buying souvenirs.
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Hot Springs Resort
M32***23[Scenery] The hotel’s hot spring has no smell and the temperature is very suitable. When I was inside, I couldn't feel it, but after leaving and after dawn, I felt the benefits of hot water. [Fun] There is a small river across the hot spring town. You can also take a foot bath on the river. The cherry blossoms along the river are beautiful when they are in full bloom.
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Historical Site
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树游记TreepI borrowed a hotel bicycle and rode for half an hour from near Matsue Station to Yaegaki Shrine. It was a huge uphill and downhill all the way. I couldn't afford the bus fare or something, and I began to question myself. In Japanese mythology, Yae Shrine was the place where the Yae Orochi heroine was surrendered to build a new residence to hold the wedding ceremony, so it became a shrine for marriage. There is a husband and wife tree in the shrine and a magic mirror pond. At the circulation area of the shrine, you can take a piece of paper for divination for 100 yen, put it in the mirror pond, press a coin on it, and the words will gradually appear on the paper. It is said that the love will be fruitful when the paper sinks in 15 minutes. The faster the paper sinks, the closer that person will get closer.

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Oct 26, 2021
Mostly Cloudy
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Intermittent Clouds
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Oct 26, 2021 Matsue Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 62%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:23/17:20
Matsue Driving: Suitable, Running: Suitable, Cycling: Suitable

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