Mei County
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Things To Do in Mei County

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碉堡的九哥Qinling main peak Taibai Mountain, from humanities to nature, from low mountain to high mountain, male, elegant, but also deep tourism, let time slow down! A mountain across four seasons, Taibai divided into north and south, is the Taibai Mountain unique geography, climate. Autumn visit Taibai Mountain, can appreciate colorful red leaves, can also enjoy winter snow scenery. Taibai Mountain, about 2 hours drive from Xi'an City, Baoji City about 1 hour drive, there is no traffic, no people, away from the dust, away from the fog, beautiful environment, the air is pleasant. In the golden autumn season, the forest of the Taibai Mountains is all dyed, the light of autumn and the bright colors, the white sea of clouds piled up to the foot, as if the source of the world. From the high point of view, the bright orange yellow, the deep red, gradually changing, the beautiful scenery of the mountains, people are refreshing. Basendai is the highest peak of Taibai Mountain, the main peak of Qinling Mountain, with an altitude of 3771.2 meters. On the way to Basendai, you can enjoy the sights of the Millennium Ice Cave, the Pearl of Tianchi, and the snowy white. If you can walk into the Taibai Mountain in autumn, you can not only dilute the dullness of the city, but also enjoy the sunrise cloud sea, autumn snow redwood, you will find that the Taibai Mountain is your heart of poetry and the distance. Climbing mountain route 1: one day trip route Taibai Mountain tourist service center by scenic tourist bus, along the way can enjoy beautiful scenery, such as Lotus Peak Waterfall, Pomo Mountain, Shiwai Taoyuan. About 1 hour 30 minutes, can reach the 2280 meters above sea level of the red maple plateau. Take the Tianxia Cableway to the Tianyuan District, and return to the original road after the sightseeing. This line is suitable for limited travel time, not willing to walk, elderly and children; the round-trip time from the Taibai Mountain Visitor Service Center is about 4-5 hours. Tengshan Road Line 2: Blessing and worship one day tour route Taibai Mountain Tourist Service Center by scenic tourist bus journey about 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the 2280 meters above sea level of Hongfengping. Take the world cableway to the Tianyuan District, then walk through the roaring Tianqu, glass tourist platform, worship Sendai, Bansi New Village to the Shangban Temple. This line is suitable for physical strength, like sports tourists; from the Tianyuan District down to the Jingyunge cableway station, the length of 60 minutes; Roundtrip from the tourist service center 5-6 hours. The top route 3: Fengshen point will take the Tianxia Cableway to the top of Sendai for the second day, then walk to Xiaowengong Temple, via Dawengong Temple, Dayehai, to Basendai, to the top. This line is suitable for strong physical, long-term mountaineering experience of tourists, from the visitor center by scenic traffic to Hongfengping, take the world cableway to Tianyuan, then walk to Basendai, about 5 hours one way, one day to return. Physically motivated tourists need 6-7 hours on one way and need to stay at the top of the mountain. Xi'an to Taibai Mountain Self-Driving Tour Route: Route 1: Xi'an Ring Road G5Jingkun Expressway G30Lianhuo Expressway Yutang Road Yutaibai Mountain National Forest Park (about 1 hour 33 minutes)
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M58***85The vegetation is lush, there is running water along the river, and it is very cool in summer. There is a Gaodoumu waterfall in Shaanxi, a thrilling Lingyun plank, the scenery of Shenxianling is pleasant, the ticket price is not expensive, it is definitely a summer resort.
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滇国剑客Taibai Mountain Yujing Hot Spring, the overall feeling is good, this is the basic reflection of the consumer groups used here, but, for the skin is a consensus, so there are so many people to enjoy.
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M22***79Good service, good environment, quiet, hot spring water is very clean, even two days, there is a change of water! The waiter is very intimate, watching us bring children, help the children towels, help us peel apples, and give the baby food for fish
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320***25There are many different soup pools, and not many people. There is a pool for a family. The water quality is OK, some of the pools are dirty, maybe it depends on the number of people. The slate house is also very good, it is warmer indoors. Soup is still very good, good value for money. The house is relatively large because it was renovated in 17 years. Although it was very clean, the decoration was slightly older. The restaurant was medium-sized. Overall, it is ok.
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Rodger Olivierabsolutely amazing! the history behind this temple is a must see. When you come to Xian travel to Baoji you wont be disspaointed

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Taibai Shan Yinxiang Jincheng Hot SpringBaoji,China

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Island International Hotspring Hotel Taibai HotelBaoji,China

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Taibai Shan Tai Jiuzhu Hai Hot SpringBaoji,China

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Baoshenyile Ecological ParkBaoji,China

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Taibaishan Shui'an Hot SpringBaoji,China

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Red River ResortsBaoji,China

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Mei County
Mei County—Taibai Mountain Phoenix Hot Springs Hotel Not to miss: The four-seasons landscape of Taibai Mountain, Taibai Mountain’s local, mountain hot spring comes from high-quality deep rock minerals, 2000 meters below the surface. The single-family hot spring villa is equipped with a large hot spring pool. The air is very fresh, and you can see the Taibai Mountain and the cableway on the mountain too. Soaking in the hot springs, watching the seasons change.
avtarTripBlog   Nov 21, 2019

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About Mei County

Mei county is located in Shaanxi province close to the city of Baoji. It is situated in the foothills of Mount Taibai, the highest peak in the Qin mountains. The county is one of the birthplaces of Western Zhou dynasty culture — many bronze relics from the Western Zhou era and bells from the Warring States period have been unearthed here. Major attractions include Honghe Valley National Forest Park, located on the northern slopes of Mount Taibai next to the Hong River. The park is heavily forested and is known for its biodiversity. Other destinations include Weihe Wetland Park and Western Orchids Ecological Gardens.

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Here are the best places to visit in Mei County, including: Taibai Mountain National Forest Park,Red River Resorts,Taibai Mountain Shangjing Hot Spring
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