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Things To Do in Mengcheng

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Ancient Pagoda
106***66The manbutsu pagoda is also called the flower arrangement pagoda, the kokaji pagoda and the Jiji Ji pagoda (because there is koka Ji Temple in the Song Dynasty and Jiji Ji Temple in the Yuan Dynasty), and is commonly called the 'monjo brick pagoda.' The manbutsu pagoda is located at the southeast end of the castle in Mengcheng County, Jizhou City, Anhui Province, and was built in 1102. The whole tower is a pavilion-style brick tower with an eight-story roof, high 42.2 meters, 24 meters in circumference and 8 meters in diameter at the bottom of the tower. It is named because of the more than 8,000 statues of Buddha inlaid inside and outside the tower. There is a temple on the east side of the tower, the Mingxinghua Temple, so the earliest tower is called Xinghua Tower.
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Taoist Temple
座火车游世界The Zhuangzi Temple is located on the north bank of the Guohe River in Mengcheng. It is a garden-style building group built to commemorate a generation of sage Zhuangzi. It is open to the public free of charge. It is an excellent place to understand and pay tribute to Zhuangzi.
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Taoist Temple
我有故事你有酒吗Before the liberation, there were many ancient temples in Mengcheng County, among them, the Chenghuang Temple was the largest and most incense temple. "City God", according to "Zhou Li", is one of the water gods of Laba, and it is more common for worshippers after Song Dynasty. According to the "Mengcheng County Chronicles" in the 10th year of Wanli of Ming Dynasty (1582): Chenghuang Temple was built in Yuanzhizheng years (1341--1368). Located in the north of the middle section of Xincheng Road, about 50 meters east of the Confucian Temple. The temple has a brick-and-wood structure with three front doors, the east and west doors are the land temple and the Zengfu temple. In the middle of the main hall, there is a clay sculpture of a golden-faced city god, about 4 meters high, very majestic; in front of it there is a wooden statue, well-dressed, sitting on the chair of the grandmaster, standing up suddenly by his knees, lifelike, every year the masses are "out on the tour" They were carried to the streets during the meeting, and worshipped by believers along the way. At about 9 o'clock in the morning on February 3, 1947, the Chenghuang Temple Theatre suddenly caught fire. The Grand Theatre, the Kuixing Building and dozens of private houses were burned down. Only the main hall and the east and west corridors survived. It is now a key cultural relic protection unit of the county.
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City Park
社会颜色Mengdie Lake Park in Mengcheng County is located in the core of Chengnan New Area, on the axis of urban development of Fukang Road. The park covers an area of 293 mu, the water surface area of 133 mu, and the total investment of the project 1.4 billion yuan.
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座火车游世界The Mongolian City Museum is a 4A-level scenic spot. The shape of the Mongolian City Museum is taken from the bronze ceremonial vessels and Hanque. It combines knowledge, popular science, education, leisure and entertainment, reflecting the history and evolution of Mongolia. As well as the historical and cultural museum with the theme of regional culture, the Mengcheng Museum is to promote the history and culture of Mengcheng County and enrich the culture of Mengcheng. More humane is that the people of Mengcheng can visit for free with their ID cards.
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Amusement Park
美梦成真123!!Love Butterfly Valley Amusement Park, beautiful environment, fun projects, a lot of.

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Here are the best places to visit in Mengcheng, including: Buddhas Pagoda,Zhuangzi Ancestral Hall,Mengcheng Chenghuang Temple
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