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Things To Do in Mengzi

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City Park
139***13In the early morning of the Honghe Hani Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan, early in the Nanhu Park. Nanhu is located in the south of Mengzi County, so it is called "Nanhu", originally called Caohai. In the Ming Dynasty, Chifu led the people to take out the weeds from the lake and build up 3 mountains, and named them as Mt. sansen, the father of the myth, the mother of the myth, and the mother of the myth. And from the county town more than ten miles to attract four springs such as Jiujiquan, Faguoquan into the lake, forming the blue waves ripples the size of two lakes. Nanhu total area of 410,000 square meters, lake embankment planting Yang, three islands have a road to connect, garden wide planting flowers and trees, now Nanhu Park. The main building of Nanhu Park is the majestic Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pavilion of Pa As a scholar often comes to gather, chanting poems, studying poems and books, and "scholars", Yunnan's famous legend of crossing the bridge rice line originated here. Chinese style pavilions and pavilions and corridors of the bridges are hidden in the shade, beautiful scenery, is a good place to observe the local people's lives. In addition, the south lake is also distributed around some Western European style of architecture, is the historical witness of Mongolian.
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Historical Architecture
天道~酬勤Bisei Zhai Station, which covers an area of about 2 square kilometers, is still in operation. It is of great value to study the history of the railways in Hoi Yue and China. Bisei Zhai in small mountain village is a great place for tourists and photographers. The Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture is located on the Yungui Plateau in southern Hunan Province, and has limestone mountainous, plateau, valley, dam and hilly terrain. The altitude drop is large and the topography is very complex. Mainly belongs to the subtropical highland monsoon climate. Because the Tropic of Cancer crosses the state, the temperature and humidity in the state from north to south, with the latitude decreasing and rising, showing the characteristics of humidity and heat. The rainy season in Honghe state is concentrated in 5-10 months, and the frost period is from late November to January and February of the next year. Therefore, travel to Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture should avoid the summer and autumn of the same period of rain heat, with light and mild, less rain 3-4 months, 9-11 months as the best.
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Ancient Villages
走遍天下XZ"Yue Yue First Station," "Fanghua" Bise Village. Bise Village Scenic Area is Mengzi in addition to "cross the bridge rice line", the most famous one of the highlights. The scenic area is large, to take the scenic car into and out, but very quickly, usually about a quarter of an hour. The most important attraction is the blue village railway station designed and built by the French, "Fanghua" scenic spot. The scenic area is still vigorously developing some literature and art facilities, looking forward to the content of more rich in the future.
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心静如水927The Red River State Museum, which shows the history and culture of the Red River State, 3,400 years of history, 100 years of the Tongshang Port, 100 years of the Hoi Yue railway, 100 years of the bridge rice line...... The splendor of modern history. Today's modern development, the people's life is beautiful! !
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Historical Architecture
霸主霸主霸主Mengzi Jade Pavilion, also known as Tongming Pavilion, was built in the Wanli 6th year of Ming Dynasty (1578). It was composed of the Jade Pavilion and the East and West Pavilions. The Jade Pavilion was rebuilt in 1627, and the East and West Pavilions were located on both sides of the Jade Pavilion. It was built in 1731. The combination of the Jade Emperor Pavilion and the East and West Pavilions shows the trend of "three pavilions stand", the earliest group of buildings in the period of Mengzi County, covering an area of about 1000 square meters, is located in the highest position of Mengzi County, is the ancient Yinyang family called Mengba dragon head, the wish of the builders is to build the Pavilion here, To suppress the Mengzi long-spirited land, so that Mengzi can eliminate the disaster safe. Today's Jade Palace is indeed from the people to trust their security and happiness desires, the first and 15th incense is very prosperous. There are some folk art here, but the yuhuang pavilion has added some solemn and solemn atmosphere.
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一路风景的三哥March long bridge sea is already hot sun, good in the air warm, surrounding oranges, strawberry garden fruit fragrance, seaside hair dryer, orchard pick, so enjoy.

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Mengzi Travel Tips

About Mengzi

Located in southeast Yunnan, Mengzi City is the capital of the Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture. Mengzi has been called the “home of Chinese crossing-the-bridge noodles” and “China’s pomegranate capital.” It also has many large silver mines. The Nanhu (南湖 - “South Lake”) scenic area is named for its location in the southern part of urban Mengzi and is the legendary birthplace of crossing-the-bridge noodles. The scenic area has many traditional Chinese architectural structures and is surrounded by western European-style architecture. In Mengzi, you will also find unique attractions like the village of Bisezhai, the remains of the Mengzi French treaty port, and the Jade Emperor Pavilion.

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Here are the best places to visit in Mengzi, including: Bisezhai Railway Station,Nanhu Park,Bise Village
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