Mexico City
Federal District
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Things To Do in Mexico City

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Louisa HolmesThis museum is spectacular. You need several hours to cover everything. Fascinating history and exhibits.
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Historical Architecture
GLS***37At approximately 213' in height, it is the third largest pyramid in the world! After walking a lengthy path to reach the base of this pyramid, you can then climb the nearly 250 stairs to the top! It offers a great view of the ruins and the Pyramid of the Moon.
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CarlosinjuneThis pictures are from 2020, Arts,Music & Food!!! Iconic Mexican Plaza
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M25***40You really feel the extraordinary architecture and organ sound that touch you. The view inside and outside the church is very real, you will see it is built on the Mayan temple. There are also government-organized guides serving customers. There are some vendors on the more neat side of the lobby and if you want to buy some souvenirs at the church take pesos and don't accept dollars or Canadian dollars. It is really a great attraction
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凹凸曼和小伙伴Mexico National Palace (Presidential Palace) 📍Location: Located in the northeast corner of Constitution Square in Mexico City. 🚆Means of transportation: Take the subway to Zocalo and get off at Syntagma Station (By the way, it is worth mentioning that the signs of the subway station are various patterns, even if you are not familiar with the place, you will never get off the wrong station.) 🚧Opening hours: Tuesday~Sunday 9:00~17:00, closed on Monday 🎫Ticket:🆓free As long as valid documents (passports for tourists) are mortgaged, you can enter and visit for free. ⚠️Recommended visiting time: 2~3 hours ⚱️Recommendation reason: 🔹The National Palace has witnessed several regime changes in Mexico City, and the current president still works here. Except for rooms with closed doors, most rooms can be visited at will. Maybe which closed door is the president's office? 🔸In this presidential palace, you can see many statues and portraits in eye-catching places. This is the Mexican national hero Benito Juárez. Not only the Mexicans, but the American people also respect and adore this patriot. 🔹Mexican national treasure painter Diego Rivera (Frida Carlo's husband) painted a huge picture of Mexican history on the wall of the central courtyard has also become a highlight here. Of course, because of Rivera, the face of the female painter Frida is often seen inadvertently during the visit. 📝Travel tips: 🔺The gate is on the north side of the presidential palace, and you need to send packages when you enter. Many people only need to hold one passport. 🔺All signs of the Presidential Palace are in Spanish. Remember to download a real-time translation software. 🔺The traces of the Swiss Aztecs have disappeared, mainly Spanish-style buildings, but the interior layout of many rooms is still displayed in the original state as much as possible, which can be regarded as a reproduction of the original scene. 🔺In addition to the courtyard, there is also a museum. The exhibits on display are also worth seeing.
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GLS***98Amazing Aztec history juxtaposed to modern day Mexico City.