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Things To Do in Mianyang

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"Theme Park"
avatar_We***68"Grab the tail of the holiday and take the children Fantawild day trip. Fortunately, today is not too many people, the items that want to play have basically experienced, except missed the myth, everything is perfect. Friendship Tip: Mythology usually closes at 5 pm, next time you should go early. Recommended "Nah Yao Noisy Sea, Nu Wa Bu Tian, Flying with You, Kyushu Shinran" .... "Flying with You" is 4D Big screen to feel the flying birds of the sky and see the scenery of Shenzhou, with the song of "My Country and I" feel very proud. "Kyushu Shenyun" shows the historical track of 5000 years of China in three-dimensional, immersed in its situation. Had a wonderful history lesson, suitable for children to watch together. "Nah Yao Noisy Sea", "Nv Xi Bu Tian", "Water Man Jinshan" are 4D combined with water rafting, similar to Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean", nervous stimulus, so happy domestic animation is not lost to crooked nuts. The beauty of Meng Jiang Nv is superb, is the plot a bit rotten ~ son - - watching - - ask me, Meng Jiang Nv to Wan Xiliang cry down the Great Wall, not need more innocent men to repair it? I have to say, now the way children think about problems is really different. "Liang Zhu" is a classic love story that combines the 4D special effects deduction with real people. It is worth seeing. It seems as if the theme of love in Fonte is all mugs~ Possible, There is a regretful love that will spread forever .... busy, and take my daughter to play with the water, I feel that today's efficiency is a bit high~ took more than 10,000 steps~ Specially praise the Fantawild Queuing Area, many places have seats, this is really too humanized, Let the wait time not too hard. Finally remind everyone, as usual workdays, the weekend will be lined up to cry."
1,444 Reviews
avatarM94***96"This week went to Jiuhuangshan, just met the snow of Jiuhuangshan, snowflakes, as if into the snow world, there are a group of live waves lovely children in the snow, lyric garden red leaves like fire, we also went to the ape king cave, karst cave and back mountain is two days of ice and fire, the cave is warm as spring, very warm, The cave is beautiful and beautiful, and it is worth the challenge to walk in the clouds, there is a rope between the cliffs, walking on it like a sea of clouds, worth seeing."
670 Reviews
avatar夜猫子*^O^*"Take the children to play, the weather is very good and cool, the family away from the city hustle and bustle into the nature to feel the fresh air, the cave is very beautiful and bustling! Very good tour!"
816 Reviews
avatar水边边"🍃 See the popularity of the bustling city, the fragrance of the landscape and flowers and the strange scenery of the sea, mountains, rivers and lakes, rest assured 🖼 Remember every sound that has been blowing in the summer 🦋 Don't ignore every cool wind in the autumn 🍃 See you in September 🔆 October Hello along the October water, You walk with her on a string, you have been guessing the meaning from that day, October water, early autumn first heard the deciduous leaves zhang yu "October water""

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Yiweijian (jichang)Mianyang,China

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Fucheng Chengnan Agricultural Products MarketMianyang,China

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Yebenxia (gaoshui)Mianyang,China

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MOI Department StoreMianyang,China

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Mianyang Travel Tips

About Mianyang

Mianyang, with a history of 2,200 years, is one of Sichuan's most important tourism cities. Mianyang is filled with many of the nation's leading science, technology and engineering institutions are located here. In the Science and Technology Museum, one of the few "outer space wind tunnels" in the country is located here. Mianyang's natural landscape is also very enchanting, and every year in April Yaowang Canyon turns into a sea of blossoming flowers. The characteristic peaks and karst caves scattered across Jiuhuang Mountain are a paradise for photography lovers. While in Mianyang, you can experience the ancient culture of the Dai people; you may perhaps find here traces of the great Tang Dynasty poet, Li Bai, who spent his youth in this area.

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Mianyang Weather

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Mianyang
Dec 1, 2021 Mianyang Weather: Cloudy| Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph| Humidity: 81%| Sunrise/Sunset: 07:42/17:58
Mianyang Travel: Suitable| Umbrella: Not Required| UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Mianyang, including: Jiuhuangshan,Foye Cave,Qiqu Mountain Temple
You could try Fushengyu HotSpring Resort,Xianhai Scenic Area,Mianyang Sea World,Yuewang Tower,Yuanxiang International Herb Garden in Mianyang
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