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Things To Do in Mile

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Water Park
花露雨Amenities: The best thing about the water world is that there are mini versions of the entertainment facilities for children, such as mini-water slides, mini speakers, etc., the kids who play with excitement are definitely not boring, rafting, etc. There are Barbie houses and so on. The restaurant toilets are also well equipped with medical points, the area is relatively large, people will not be crowded, if it is not a weekend, there is basically no queue for play items, just a little exposure
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Hot Springs Resort
M30***81The old place is still very good, just a few fewer pools are open, but the experience is still good, especially the massage is very professional, the intensity is acid, the next time you have to book a few friends together! The scenery is good, fun, fun, cost-effective, overall super awesome,
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走遍天下XZEastern charm, Maitreya must play the attractions. The various bottle-shaped buildings made of red brick are very Spanish. In the building, you need to buy additional tickets. The scenic spot is very big, it is recommended to take the scenic battery car to and from, the hundred gardens are also very large, it is worth taking a picture. There are hotels in the scenic area, although the price is not expensive, but good value for money.
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走遍天下XZBut the town is really chicken ribs, if the time is not too much, can give up completely. But there is a place to eat in the ancient village, the name is quite earth, called "sensanli canteen", but it is an accident, the decoration is stylish and fresh, upstairs and downstairs is very wide, there is a building behind, there are large private rooms on the two floors. The owner's hospitality, the waiter is diligent and clean, the dishes are fresh and the price is reasonable. I heard that the birthday noodles, specially added a bigger fried egg than the face 🍳! Great experience! [Candy]
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M47***11Maybe it is one of the must-see attractions in Maitreya. Tickets 30 sightseeing cars 10 yuan, risotto 15 yuan, nothing else to consume, walk slowly for about an hour and finish shopping. The scenery is very beautiful, the clouds are especially beautiful, and the mountain wind is very quiet and suitable for relaxing on weekends.
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D30***48Took a taxi straight from the train station, easy to find. Although the tours are only in Chinese there's an introductory video with English subtitles to explain the vineyards. Was so interesting to see the cellars and learn about the unusual grape varietals. Small tasting, but huge shop with all their wines, and even Chinese grappa. We bought a bottle and spent the afternoon on the balcony overlooking the vineyards and mountains. It was cold and cloudy, but totally worth it!