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东张西望望东西This is a particularly beautiful beach, which is recommended in many guides. The coastline of the beach is quite long, and the sand is relatively silver, the sea is clear, and the sand is very comfortable.
40 Reviews
MonkeyoHigashi Heinazaki, this is one of the top 100 scenic spots in Japan selected in 2013. The chic landscape allows people to enjoy the other island style of Miyako... The white lighthouse guarding the end of the cape of Higashi Heinazaki, set off the charming The scenery is as fascinating as a dream scene...This is a beautiful cape located in the southeast of Miyako Island. The promontory, which extends for about 2 kilometers to the sea, is known as a representative tourist spot on the island. Secondly, because of the triathlon bicycle race held here in April every year, it is familiar with at home and abroad.
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乐天的静The bridge between Miyako Island and Ikema Island, you can drive directly to another island, which feels very romantic. Driving from Miyakojima to Ikema Island will soon arrive at the port rich in seafood, where you can have lunch before continuing the journey.
135 Reviews
vivienvivienMiyako Island, located between 24 ~25 degrees north latitude and 125 degrees east longitude ~126 degrees, is located in the southwest of the Ryukyu Islands and the eastern part of the islands, is the main island of Miyako Islands, about 2,000 kilometers from Tokyo. The sea water is clear and it is best to carry out various sea sports, including diving. The island is surrounded by seven small islands, including Ikema Island and Laima Island by bridge, can rent a car or bicycle to enjoy the pleasure of sightseeing. The more famous scenic spots on the island are East Ping'an Mingzaki, West Ping'an Mingzaki, Sandy Mountain Beach, Maehama Beach, Ueno German Cultural Village, Miyako Island Haibao Museum and so on. Among the attached Miyako Islands, Irabe Island and Shimoji Island are pleasant rural islands, and there are large sugarcane plantations and beach tourists' paradise. Also, it is a diving resort, there are rich diving spots, no matter beginners or veterans, all year round can experience the best diving fun.
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乐天的静This beach did not provide me with the best place to snorkel. We are with our two-year-old daughter, so we need a place where we can snorkel without a boat. Aragusuku is the perfect choice. There are a lot of fish in the water, a lot of corals, there are two places to sit, rent a parasol (the owner is very friendly), a food truck and snorkeling equipment, plus a shower facility, these are all you need for a perfect day.
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vivienvivienThe construction of the Laima Bridge began in 1988 and was completed and opened in March 1995. The total length is 1690 meters. On the southwest side of Miyako Island, it is connected to Kurima Island. It is the longest agricultural road bridge in Japan. From the Ryugu Castle observation deck on the northeast side of Kurima Island, you can see Miyako Island surrounded by the blue sea. The scenery on both sides of the bridge is very beautiful. A long bridge connects Miyakojima. The sea is very clear and blue. When driving across the bridge, the scenery is excellent, and there is a distinctive seven-color sea under the bridge. The color of the sea water will change smartly with the change of light conditions, which is very intoxicating. There are many water activities on the beach on the bridge.

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Kurima BridgeMiyakojima,Japan

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Irabu BridgeMiyakojima,Japan

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Shigira Hot SpringMiyakojima,Japan

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Karimata ObservatoryMiyakojima,Japan

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Nakahara Limestone CaveMiyakojima,Japan

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Miyakojima Weather

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Miyakojima
Oct 23, 2021 Miyakojima Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 73%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:40/18:06
Miyakojima Driving: Suitable, Running: Suitable

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Here are the best places to visit in Miyakojima, including: Miyakojima,Yonaha Maehama Beach,Higashi Hennazaki
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