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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
泰迪小熊Came on March 7, 2019. This is the open-air market and the Koutoubia Mosque just across the road. It is a fairly large 24-hour all-night market. You can find almost all kinds of local Moroccan specialties here, in addition to various street "caring, begging and begging". There are also many people distributing small advertisements. The biggest attraction of this market is the night market, which is said to be the largest and most lively night market in Africa. It’s not an exaggeration to say that even though the entire Marrakech is asleep, there are still brightly lit and full of people. It can be said that most of the human fireworks in Marrakech are concentrated here. Due to the mixed fish and dragons in the market, safety is always a big issue, our tour guide strongly opposes us to go deep into the market. If you want to go in for "expedition", you must pay attention to safety, be optimistic about your wallet, and don't talk to strangers.
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Travel Monsterit’s nice garden and shows how luxury of YSL life , just a reminder for long queue for ticketing . the size of garden is not so big and just need 1 hr to finish it. Better to go in early morning and will have less tourists.
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Other Places of Worship
_We***05Just magic. This mosque is the largest mosque in Africa and the 10th largest in the world. It’s around 40 min walk from city centre, but better to take a taxi.
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泰迪小熊Came on March 7, 2019. This palace was built at the end of the 19th century. It was built according to the goal of “the greatest palace in the world” at that time. Therefore, this palace is very luxurious. Even though the decorations in the palace have been removed, tourists only keep the hard decorations here. Can be seen. The area of this palace is not particularly large, but the atrium is very large. There are several fountains of different shapes. The floors here are all covered with mosaics, which is not only magnificent but also elegant. In addition to the appearance, the interior of the palace is also very elegant. The most representative one is the top and ceiling of a hall, which is composed of many mosaic decorations with different patterns. Each pattern is completed by a craftsman from the ancient city of Fez. In other words, how many patterns means How many craftsmen were requisitioned at that time. Another highlight is the beautiful stained glass. It is estimated that Morocco had a high acceptance of European architectural styles at the end of the 19th century. In these stained glass interiors, you can take very artistic photos. I helped my wife to take a photo of "Waiting in the Boudoir", which was widely praised by the members of the tour group.
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Building by Famous Architects
E49***04Such an amazing mosque, you can feel the real traditions when you get there allowing about half an hour walk straight you find yourself in EL Menara which is another spot worth visiting.
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Sandy Bellmousoleum of Mohammed V is based in Rabat. Capital of morocco

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About Morocco

Located on the northwest corner of the African continent, Morocco is a fascinating destination full of rich cultural experiences, great art, and beautiful landscapes. Known as the “North African Garden,” Morocco benefits from its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Cooling currents of water vapor support agriculture and keep the sands of the Sahara Desert at bay. Along the coast lies Casablanca, a port city and commercial hub. Here Moorish architectural styles blend with European art deco. Marrakesh sits inland along ancient trading routes. Its famous bazaar remains a hub for traders and meeting place for cultures. Ouarzazate is a well-known film location, featuring in numerous Hollywood movies. In the northern port of Tangier, visitors from Spain and elsewhere in Europe disembark from the many ferries. Morocco is one of the world’s great travel destinations. Venturing here you will quickly discover why.

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