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lyn0919Arriving in the county town needs to pass the pass, check in before entering the county. Perhaps today is a coincidence, the city at 10 pm electricity outage. To catch time before dark to watch another attraction Guoguotang turn. The most famous attraction of the Mertau is the fruit pond, which is the Yarlung Zangbu River in the fruit pond here plate a big curve, also known as the snake-shaped curve. The fruit pond, because it looks like a lollipop, so it is named fruit pond. The Brahmaputra, which had come to the river, turned suddenly like a snake, and the rare landscape was breathtaking, and the rain and mist among the canyons were like a wonderland; the vegetation was beautiful, and the rain and mist were hidden among the trees. Mert is a strange county in China, and is not allowed to enter at 7 p.m. until 8 a.m.
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Snow Mountain
lyn0919In the morning, from Zhamu Town, to Mertau. The Grand Canyon of the Brahmaputra River is always around, and on the road, you can see the forest above the mountain of the rain and fog, looming. Zhamo Road is the only road to Mutuo, is a veritable "cement road", although it is a road, in fact a dirt road. The mountain road is rugged, difficult.
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格格巴Rinchenbeng Temple is the largest monastery in Medog. It is located on the mountain of Nanze Mara in Medog Village. It was originally a three-story stone-wood structure with 12 walls and four doors, east, west, south, north, and there were many gilded bronze Buddha statues inside. Destroyed by an earthquake in 1950, it was rebuilt into two buildings, east and west.
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格格巴The river is a river system of the Brahmaputra River, with legends of the Muba God, the water color is particularly beautiful, is known as the milk river. Next to this graceful river, there are dense primitive woods and natural boulder, rich in aura, attracting the worship of the vast Tibetan believers.
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enjoyzentBeibeng Waterfall is a beautiful scenery in Medog, and tourists who come here to see its true appearance will be impressed. The mountains and forests of Medog are full of water all year round. Especially in spring and summer, they are always clouded with clouds and mist. In addition, the mountain roads are bends, which makes people feel dizzy and confused. Arrived at the waterline, I was full of emotions, and the hardships on the road finally yielded positive results. This trip is worthwhile!
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enjoyzentThe Meto area is especially close to the combination of landscape and water, through the Doxiongla Pass, the mountains are covered by virgin forest, the clouds are particularly low, it feels like the place is always white fog, the Khan Mi waterfall is the magnificent scenery here. But there is no time to hike the mountain arrangement, can only park on the Zhamo highway viewing spots, a view of snow mountain and waterfall such as natural natural beauty.

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Beibeng WaterfallNyingchi,China

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Motuo MuseumNyingchi,China

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Renqinbeng TempleNyingchi,China

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Buqun LakeNyingchi,China

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Good Day Lotus SquareNyingchi,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Motuo, including: Guoguotang Big Turn,Renqinbeng Temple,Galongla Snow Mountain
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