Mount Cook
Mackenzie District
New Zealand:Entry prohibited
Local Situation: Social distancing and enhanced precautions recommended| Travel Restrictions: Entry prohibitedDetails
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Aerial Tour
小月亮弯弯Mount Cook took a helicopter to see Tasman Glacier, the helicopter was not dizzy at all ​​​ very addictive and very fun! !
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旅の径There are many lakes in New Zealand, most of which are surrounded by mountains, the shoreline is tortuous, the lake is clear, and the scenery is pleasant. It is an excellent tourist attraction. Lake Pukaki, located in the middle of the South Island, is unique with 4 and is worth a visit. First, because the lake water is rich in rock particles and minerals, under the sunlight, it reflects a distinctive blue color, dreamy and attractive, and has the reputation of "blue milk lake". The second is that the lake is the best place to overlook the Cook Mountains. When the weather is fine, standing on the southern shore of Lake Pukaki, the Southern Alps on the northern shore 55 kilometers away are clearly visible. The highest peak is Mount Cook. The third is the lifelike statue of Taer sheep. Taer sheep, native to the Himalayas, lives between high mountains and cliffs. It is a first-class protected animal in my country and is included in the "near threatened" animal list in the world. In 1904, an Englishman brought five Tahr sheep to the South Island. Because there were no natural enemies, Tahr sheep thrived in the Cook Mountains and became the favorite hunting animals for European and American hunters to hunt in New Zealand. In 2014, people erected the handsome and mighty Thar sheep statue on the shore of Lake Pukaki to commemorate the achievements of the people concerned in protecting the Thar sheep worldwide. Taking a photo with the statue is the best choice for all tourists. Fourth, on the south bank of Lake Pukaki, there is a Mount Cook salmon farm. The salmon meat is firm and tender, and the price is good. Many food lovers come to taste and buy.
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Aerial Tour
王海娃子Mount Cook is the highest peak in New Zealand. At a height of more than 3,000 meters, it is covered with snow all year round. The helicopter circumnavigated around Mount Cook, almost still allowing you to bet on the heroic beauty of the mountain at close range.
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Churches and Cathedrals
天路客77It's so beautiful! The mountains, the lakes, the surrounding Lu Binghua... The church is not big, you can only see it at the door, you can't sit in and pray quietly, some regrets...
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Water Sports
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National Park
王海娃子For self-driving tours, this is a good place to camp. Mount Cook, the highest peak in New Zealand, is within easy reach and can be seen. It is located in a national park with complete facilities and first-class surrounding scenery.

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The Helicopter Line Mount CookMackenzie District,New Zealand

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Mount Cook AptMackenzie District,New Zealand

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Why should stargazing be on your bucket list? Do you know that about 66% of the global population and 80% of our children cannot see the hazy center of the Milky Way even in the starry night sky? Are you aware that the light rays from electric bulbs scatter and strike dust, smoke, and air molecules scattering even more till they block the view of the stars completely? That is why stargazing spots are needed at sky preserves so we can watch the natural starry skies and the wonders they hold.
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All kinds of blue, such as milky blue, azure blue, lazuli blue, etc., they interpret the lakes of New Zealand incisively and vividly.
avtarTripBlog   Nov 20, 2019

Mount Cook Weather

Oct 19, 2021
Intermittent Clouds
0 ~ 11
Oct 20, 2021
Partly Clear
2 / 12
Oct 21, 2021
Partly Clear
5 / 16
Oct 22, 2021
Partly Clear
5 / 17
Oct 23, 2021
6 / 15
Oct 24, 2021
7 / 19
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Mount Cook
Oct 19, 2021 Mount Cook Weather: Intermittent Clouds, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 67%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:42/20:08
Mount Cook Driving: Suitable, Running: Suitable, Cycling: Suitable

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