Mount Tai
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19,809 Reviews
E31***42Last winter vacation, I and my parents had a wonderful time on Mountain Tai, the most famous of the five great mountains.It is located in Tai'an where my grandpa and grandma live. On the foot of Mountain Tai, there is a deep pool called Black Dragon Pool. Its water was dark green. It looked like a mysterious prince. There is a legend that the water of Black Dragon Pool can flow into the Baotu Spring in Jinan. If you throw a coin into this pool, you can find it in Baotu Spring. We played therefor a long time with happiness.Then, we took a bus to the beginning of the hike. To climb on the top of the mountain, it was a long way ahead of us. Thoughmuch energy was burned, we don't feel tired. The beautiful scene on the top of the mountain gave us motivation. Finally, we got the top of the mountain. The road behind us seemed to be almost flat. Wow, a fantastic painting appeared to us. There was sea of clouds. The fog covered the mountain, and there was a faint view of the rolling hills and the looming cable car.What an amazing scene it was!
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SaweizhenShandong's Taishan 18. After the epidemic prevention and control, friends took us a line of six people, came here, tired is tired, but not too many people, very good, the weather is also good, climbing to the top, all wet, especially cool.
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M33***64The program is very shocking, for the children who have just finished their history textbooks is a good social practice big class, the story of successive emperors to the top of the Taishan to seal the seal is told again, let the children to this part of the impression is more profound! Worth seeing the live performance. Traveling, we are concentrated on the car at the KFC door of Tianwai Village. We are very glad to be taken by this car. We can put us in the Tianzhufeng parking lot. It is very close to the entrance, and there are many cars going up the mountain, which is especially blocked. There are many people who can bring forward to change tickets in advance. All in all a show worth seeing!
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chenweiwenThe south Tianmen Gate is called Tianmen Pass, because the Taishan Mountain represents the sky in ancient times, so the top of Taishan is the location of Tianting. Tianting has four east, west, south, north Tianmen. The gate is called 'nantenmon' and is also called the main gate of Tenten, and it leads to the reiho hoden of the emperor jade. In many myths, there are many names of the gods who guard the south gate, such as Tenno, Wang reikan, uma Zhao Wenguan, Zhang Tenshi, and gentenjin uisho (the great emperor of the emperor) (the great general of the emperor). South Tianmen also called three days gate, Tianmen Pass, 1460 meters above sea level, built in the Taishan Fei Longyan and Xiangfengling between the low point, double peaks Jiazhi, as if Tianmen hole opened, from the bottom looked up, the South Tianmen like the palace in the sky.
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点点525Climbing up Mount Tai, watching the sunrise in the morning, Kaiyunhai. I will go to the top of the jade emperor, in the jade emperor's top there are several places to watch the sunrise, watching the cloud sea, mainly to see you live at the top of the hotel, in the morning the storekeeper will take you to his home to see the sunrise fixed place, mainly he will help you take photos, charge.
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三晋龙少The Red Gate of Mount Tai is located at the foot of Mount Tai. It is the starting point of the most classic route for tourists to climb Mount Tai on foot. The Red Gate is actually a temple-style building. The ancient buildings are like a ladder and are magnificent. With the stabilization of the epidemic situation, the Mount Tai Tourism Scenic Area is also open to tourists, but it is necessary to measure body temperature, use the health code, restrict the flow of people every day, and kindly remind tourists to make reservations online when they go.

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Zhonghua Taishan Fengshan DadianTaian,China

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Mount Tai Weather

Sep 25, 2021
Light Rain
18 ~ 21
Sep 26, 2021
Heavy Rain
18 / 21
Sep 27, 2021
Light Rain
20 / 24
Sep 28, 2021
Moderate Rain
19 / 23
Sep 29, 2021
16 / 25
Sep 30, 2021
17 / 26
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Mount Tai
Sep 25, 2021 Mount Tai Weather: Light Rain, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 100%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:01/18:05
Mount Tai Travel: Not Recommended, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Mount Tai, including: Mount Tai Scenic Area,Shiba Pan (Eighteen Bends),Zhonghua Taishan Fengshan Dadian
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