Municipality of Piran
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Things To Do in Municipality of Piran

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juki235Tartini Square in Piran, France is located in the center of the old city. It is a large circular square on the ground, surrounded by some hundreds of years of old buildings. This is the essence of the entire old city. It is a must-visit place for every tourist, where you can fully feel the history and charm of the South France region.
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怀念大鱼大肉Piran is the westernmost city in Slovenia, and across the sea is Venice, Italy. The entire town is forbidden to enter by cars outside. You can only park your car in the mid-level parking lot outside the city. Then everyone chooses to enter by bicycle. This place is really good. There are especially many small yachts, and life is endless.
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juki235The Church of St. George in Piran is the most famous building in the area. Its towering bell tower is its symbol. You can see him in every corner of Lao Chen. You can climb the bell tower to overlook the entire ancient city. Charismatic.
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M49***70The San Clemente Church on the headland is another landmark of the town. It is said that there has been a church here since the 13th century, but the church we see today was rebuilt in the 18th century and is more famous than the church. It is the tower of the church. Today, this church and tower are not open to the public.
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M49***70Piran is not big. It will take a short walk from the Tartini square to the mountain. The four-sided cloisters in the Piran Franciscan Monastery are more beautiful. The holy water in the church is a large white shellfish. There is also a painting of "The Last Supper" on the wall.
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M49***70The Museum of Underwater Activities is located on the main road into Piran Bay. There are dolls wearing diving suits at the door and some promotional pictures about diving in the sea. We have limited time and did not go in. The Museum of Undersea Activities highlights the close relationship between Piran and the sea and diving.

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