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Things To Do in Munster

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AquariusFoxxyNot bad. very good. It's worth going. You can also stroll around
2 Reviews
噼里啪啦Sculpture exhibition ten years one sword coincides Gu Bo dog fish and duck float in clear water The shadow of the ancient city wall Two bikes per capita in Münster Brother Chimney can only be touched by luck Documenta will be influenced by next week [Value for money] Good
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Soccer Field
suifeng2019This is the home of Dortmund, known as the home of Europe's first devil. Dortmund is a magical team. It does not have too many championship titles, no star-studded big-name players, no large investment from local tyrants, but this team with a fairly young average age still has a large number of loyal fans.
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乖小咪St. Peter's Church in Dortmund is an ancient church with a history of more than 400 years. The design of the church is very simple, the red facade and its tall shape give people a very majestic feeling. The statue of Saint Peter slaying the dragon in the church is very delicate and vivid, and it is worth admiring.
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乖小咪Dortmund Maria Church is an old church with a history of more than 300 years. The gray-brown masonry structure of the church gives a simple and elegant feeling. The dome inside the church is very high, and the first floor is very spectacular. There are so many believers who come here to pray every week. It is definitely the most sacred place in the area and it is worth visiting.
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City Park
E21***82Westfalen Park is a great place to relax and sunbathe. There is a rose garden with more than 3,000 kinds of roses in the park, as well as many flowers and plants. When the flowers bloom, there must be beautiful scenery. You can find a good location on the grass and enjoy the picnic. If you stand on the 209-meter-high Florian Tower revolving restaurant overlooking the entire Westfalen Park, there is a different kind of excitement.