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远行-遇见你The red acidic soil in northern Okinawa is particularly suitable for pineapple growth, so pineapples in this area are very famous. Nago Pineapple Park is a park with the theme of pineapple, a specialty of Okinawa, with a history of more than 80 years. In the park, you can take the driverless pineapple-shaped car (Pineapple) to visit the pineapple plantations and subtropical plants all over the park. It travels slowly at a speed of five kilometers per hour, and you can see many different types of pineapples along the road. Plants, you can also visit the earliest pineapple winery in Japan, and you can immediately taste the freshly brewed pineapple wine. You can eat freshly picked pineapples in the pineapple garden, and almost all food can be tasted here for free! There are many things made of pineapple in the shopping center of Pineapple Park. Some pineapple products are only available here, such as the pineapple curry in restaurants, which is a delicacy that can only be tasted here.
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Boat Tour
evenPersonally like the scenery of the tower in the sea! Beautiful! A lot of small fish is very interesting! Personally, the glass-bottomed boat feels so common, and the viewing angle is relatively novel, which children like! It is recommended that parents and children can go and play, the two project packages are 2060, children 1030, free for children under three years old, and the chartered tour can be slightly discounted! The anniversary scenery is very good, the sea is blue and clean!
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juki235The Nago Natural Zoological and Botanical Garden is a park with super beautiful scenery. Various trees are planted here. In late autumn, the colors here become extraordinarily gorgeous, with red, yellow, and green layers overlapping each other. It is so beautiful that it is indescribable.
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Botanical Garden
西行阿里Okinawa Fruit Paradise, as if in the tropical garden, divided into three areas, fruit, butterflies, birds, can see tropical orchards and colorful birds, rare butterfly figure. Restaurants and shops, and the production of brown sugar counter.
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冯美清When you come to Okinawa, you have to mention orion beer, which is the pride of Okinawa. Here you can taste beer for free and learn about the production process of beer. But an appointment is required.
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蟋蟋帅The first choice for playing in sand and water-Okinawa For children, playing in sand and water is an eternal theme, and there is no other place that can fully satisfy children's desire to play in sand and water than Okinawa, Japan. So this summer vacation, we invited a few more families and set off for Okinawa mightily. A must-check-in place for parent-child travels-Okinawa Children’s Kingdom Okinawa Children’s Kingdom is not large, but the projects that interact with animals are not small, and the tickets are also close to the people. This time we took the children to play here for a whole day . The overall feeling can be described in one word, and that is vitality. Feeding giraffes, kissing baby hamsters, kissing baby chickens, the children are very busy. There is also a museum called the Wonder Museum. We were all amazed. The design here is clever and easy to understand. The children can play for at least two hours, but it is an additional fee. In short, it is recommended that parents with children check in. [Ticket price] about 30 yuan/person A rare tropical garden in Japan-Southeast Botanical Park. When you come to Okinawa, you must mention the Southeast Botanical Park in Okinawa. Southeast Botanical Garden is a tropical garden, which is rare in Japan. The garden is green all year round and butterflies are fluttering. Here, children can play with little butterflies, get close to cute animals such as little ferrets, and get to know many tropical plants, such as rows of coconut trees towering into the clouds; and when they are injured, the trunks will bleed ( Dragon's blood trees with red sap and color like blood); of course, there are also baobab trees that are often heard but never seen. Baobab trees are all treasures. [Ticket price] About 60 yuan/person An island where you can play with egrets-Xiadi Island Xiadi Island is not large, and there are not many residents, and the population is less than 100. There is an airport on this island, which is a training airport dedicated to civil aviation aircraft training. It is the only one in Japan. There is a shortage of natural resources on the island, and fresh water is a problem. Xiadi Island is also the closest to Taiwan. Because of this, understanding the geographical location of Xiadi Island is very important. The sea on Xiadi Island is very clear and transparent, the beach is very white, and there are egrets, the people-friendly egrets, who are not afraid of people at all. Children can run after the egrets and have a great time. [Ticket price] An island with free beef cattle——Kimajima is also very small, very close to Miyakojima, and its geographical location is also close. There is a bridge on Kimashima that is 1690 meters long and connects Kuromajima and Miyakojima are road bridges used for agriculture, and they are also the longest in Japan in terms of agricultural bridges. Miyakojima can be seen from Majima. Laijian Island is mainly for raising beef cattle. There are groups of cattle, which makes the children unprecedentedly excited. Probably the place to see the most cattle in this life. There is also sugarcane, which is also the main crop of Laijima Island. There is plenty of sunshine and sugarcane is very sweet. [Ticket price] Free of charge, you can take a glass boat to watch the fish on the beach-Kariyushi Beach. The Chinese name of Kariyushi Beach is Kariyushi Beach, located in Onna Village in Okinawa. The biggest feature here is that you can see fish and corals. It's not an ordinary view, it's a glass boat to see. However, because there are a lot of fish, and people are not afraid of people, there are fish around, so even if you are not in a glass boat, you can still see fish. The glass boat is very cute, and children like to ride it. The sandy beach of Kariyushi Beach is light blue and light blue. It feels very peaceful. The children ran and played on the beach. We sat on the beach, relaxing and warm. [Ticket price] Free Okinawa tour "the last sightseeing spot"-Naminoue Beach Naminoue Beach has a good location, close to the city center and close to the airport. It only takes about ten minutes. This beach is a man-made beach, very short, only about 300 meters, but the elevated road on the beach is very magnificent, and it is also a unique scenery different from other beaches. It is the beach anyway, kids love it very much. Before the end of the trip to Okinawa, it is also very pleasant to come here to spend a few hours, embrace the white beach again, get close to the blue water, and spend a few hours quietly. [Ticket price] Free Gino Bay Tropical Beach There is another wonderful beach in Japan. I forgot to introduce it before, but I will add it here, that is, Gino Bay Tropical Beach. This beach is also a man-made beach, public, in Ginowan Seaside Park. Different from other beaches, it is not only possible to bathe in the sea, but also to walk. There is a wooden deck, which is a promenade for walking. You can take a leisurely stroll along the promenade, enjoy the beautiful beach scenery, and barbecue. Have a barbecue on the soft beach, can you imagine the cheers of the children? [Ticket price] Free Okinawa’s most indispensable is probably the beach. Although there are many well-known beaches in Okinawa, and most of them are white sands. The blue waters are crystal clear and surrounded by fish, but each has its own characteristics. . You can choose to play according to your own preferences.

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Nago City is the only city in the northern part of the Okinawa Islands in the Ryukyu Islands. It has beautiful scenery and rich tourism resources. The G8 Summit in 2000 was held here.

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