Nanzheng District
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399 Reviews
139***38Is a very good scenic spot, beautiful scenery and strong viewing. There are not too many tourists. You can experience the excitement of the peaks and turns on the round trip. Special carsick people must prepare their medicine in advance. This ticket is not expensive compared to the size of the scenic spot and the time of the play. It's that the service of the tour guide is a bit too simple. There is basically no introduction all the way. It's just a careful counting of the people. I don't know when the scenic spot was developed after I finished it.
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M41***52Nanhu, the concentrated embodiment of the beautiful mountains and beautiful rivers in Hanzhong. Sure enough, there are winding paths leading to the secluded area, as well as a high view. There are the thrills of a playground, and there is the tranquility of the lake, the green hills and clear waters, it is really "clearly seeing the top of the green hill, the boat is going up on the top of the green hill", a sentence on the pillar at the door can better reflect the beauty here: the five lakes have different ages, Only South Lake is quiet.
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Amusement Park
bxx97The large playground "Youmanji Amusement World" located on the south bank of Hanjiang River in Hanzhong. The construction of the park includes a 6-ring roller coaster, a double deck carousel, a 5D cinema, a starry sky swing, a super jumper, a romantic Ferris wheel, a passionate water world, and anime There are dozens of rich entertainment and leisure projects such as theme streets, animation theme cities, and flavor food streets.
24 Reviews
M34***66Xiaonanhai scenic spot is located in the Qingshiguan, 10km south of Yuanjiaba, Nanzheng County, Hanzhong City. Chongshan encircled, layers folded, gorges intersected, the sea submerged, pine, green cypress, shaded, temple in the mountain, built in the Ming Dynasty Wanli period 47 years (AD 1619), the natural scenic area of 10 square kilometers away. The most dazzling scenic area is the Guanyin Cave. The tunnel is inscrutable, and the locals call it a black hole, and for a long time no one can go deep. Geologists unveiled its mystery. 19,000 years ago, the Guanyin Cave in Xiaonanhai was a sea. During the long years, the strong geological tectonic movement made it protruding to the surface. The cave body is composed of limestone, carbonate rock and dolomite, stratigraphic sequence and geological section have high research value, is known as the underground "Karst Geological Museum." Guanyin cave is located in Nanhai Scenic Area, Nanzheng County, 35 kilometers away from Hanzhong City, a famous historical and cultural city of China. Visit the Guanyin Cave, see the wonderland in the cave, bath the Lingsi Buddha light, and the billion-year geological and cultural dialogue, give people unlimited wonders and endless joy. Whenever you come here, you will be gods to forget hunger, happy.
29 Reviews
扶疏子Hongsi Lake Scenic Area, with its unique charm attracts Chinese and foreign tourists to come here to appreciate nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Being in the scenic spot for sightseeing, vacation and recuperation, the harmonious unity of man and nature is perfectly reflected here. With the opening to the outside world, the Hongsi Lake Natural Scenic Area will surely become a hot spot for natural eco-tourism in southern Shaanxi during the western development.
17 Reviews
实在不可爱I came to Hanzhong to travel, and I went to the Wetland Park with my little sisters. I was surprised and surprised. The park is very large, and the most impressive thing is a group of silver water drop sculptures. The blue sky and white clouds are reflected on it, especially for pictures. You must check in here. There are cruise ships and several swimming pools in the park. The way of playing is not as simple as other wetland parks. If you don't want to walk, you can take a garden battery car, which seems to be 20 yuan back and forth. There are also self-service machines selling water in the garden, which is very thoughtful. The scenery is good, it's free, it's worth coming.

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Fachuang TempleHanzhong,China

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Youmanji Amusement WorldHanzhong,China

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Xiaonanhai Scenic AreaHanzhong,China

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Yong City of Qin DynastyHanzhong,China

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Shengshui Peach GardenHanzhong,China

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Shengshui Temple and HanguiHanzhong,China

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Nanzheng District Weather

Sep 25, 2021
21 ~ 26
Sep 26, 2021
Moderate Rain
19 / 24
Sep 27, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Nanzheng District
Sep 25, 2021 Nanzheng District Weather: Overcast, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 85%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:42/18:46
Nanzheng District Travel: Use Caution, Umbrella: Advised, UV Strength: Very Low

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