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56 Reviews
Art Museum
Building by Famous Architects
多啦丘丘The name, though not as well known as Master Ii, is a national treasure-class architect in Japan. He built the museum's buildings underground to avoid damaging the Seto Inland National Park's view. From the sky, one simple geometry openings to the sky ~ Earth Museum is also named for this. No photos can be taken inside the museum, the pictures taken outside have been very shocking. The architect's use of light and geometry is almost to the point of peaking. There are not many exhibits in the museum, but there are many breathtaking: Monet's Water Lilies, James • Turrell (James Turrell) Open Sky/Blue Planet Sky and so on. Only the eyes can understand the charm of art! ! !
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Building by Famous Architects
Art Museum
LyviaGThe free shuttle bus is not very frequent. After visiting Lee Ufan Art Museum, I have to wait for half an hour to get the next bus, so I chose to walk to benesse house museum. Although there is an uphill road, the scenery along the way is also worthwhile Up. I think this museum is the most vivid and interesting of the three museums, not particularly obscure art. It is particularly worth mentioning that after visiting the museum, go down the stairs and walk to the beach. There are many outdoor art projects, don’t miss it!
11 Reviews
Building by Famous Architects
宫主爱The Ando Museum is in the main village of Naoshima, which is far from the Chichu Art Museum. You must take the island’s minibus. The Ando Museum looks like an ordinary small Japanese village house with a low wall. Open the curtain and enter the courtyard. The small courtyard is covered with small rocks like the dry landscape of Kyoto. There is only a conical glass cover in the courtyard, which is the main source of natural light in the underground space. Ando, the master of light and shadow, made this little light to make the dark underground more interesting.
20 Reviews
Building by Famous Architects
Art Museum
宫主爱From Dizhong Art Museum to Yellow Pumpkin, you don’t have to spend time waiting for the minibus. Just walk there. It’s 20 minutes. It’s all downhill, relaxed, just a little bit sun-dried, and you will pass the Lee Ufan Art Museum on the way. There was a forked road in front of the art museum, and the sign was not very clear. We were walking along the main road, and a kind Japanese lady chased us and gestured to ask if we were going to Yellow Pumpkin. It turns out that walking along the main road (the bus is feasible) is a mountain-climbing road, which is very tiring. On the right hand side, the path passing by the Lee Ufan Art Museum is not only downhill, but also a lawn and seascape along the way. Not only the scenery is good, but there are many artworks along the road. Although it is not possible to take pictures inside the Lee Ufan Art Museum, it is good to take pictures of artworks along the way.
21 Reviews
Modern Architecture
宫主爱What attracted me to Naoshima was the pumpkin, but the yellow pumpkin facing the sea. But in fact, the red pumpkin is better to shoot. It is right next to the Miyaura Port. You can see it when you disembark. The red pumpkin has a large area and can be photographed in 360 degrees. It is easy to block people behind the pumpkin. The yellow pumpkins are not so good to take pictures. Not only are they far away, waiting for the bus in the past was time-consuming, and to photograph the yellow pumpkins against the background of the sea, one had to wait in line. The angle is limited, the queue is time-consuming, and the time left for taking pictures is very limited, and the two flickers have to be given to others.
9 Reviews
Modern Architecture
宫主爱Obviously it looks like a diamond. Why is it called a "violin"? Perhaps the inner world of the artist is beyond our understanding. Pieces of triangular metal plates are spliced together, and they look like crumpled paper balls. It's really beautiful under the blue sky. It penetrates the sun and the wind. You can enter inside and look up at the blue sky outside the white mesh. The same works by Fujimoto Sou, and the "distant hills" outside the Shanghai Himalayas Museum.

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Naoshima Pavilion,Japan

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Subaru Ishikawa Art Series,Japan

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Miyanoura Gallery Rokku,Japan

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Red Pumpkin,Japan

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Ando Museum,Japan

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