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轻轻的一个蚊Negombo Beach, Sri Lanka, sailing boats are ready to go under the sunset glow. I wandered the beach and received the invitation of the fishermen to go out with the boat to fish. I thought it was a good experience, but when I saw the boat, I not only sucked my breath, this boat without cabins gave me ten guts. Don't dare to go, let alone stay overnight. I already admire the Sri Lankans who fish on stilts in the stormy waves, and I really admire the fishermen who stand on wooden poles and go fishing at night. When I was enjoying the sunset dinner on the beach, I was still thinking of the fishermen who were bravely fighting and working hard at sea. I wish them safety and return home tomorrow morning.
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Churches and Cathedrals
Historical Architecture
M30***12The picture on is incorrect. The name of the church in the picture is St. Sebastian's Church and it is on sea street. The St. Mary’s Church is in another place, and the past churches do not match the pictures according to the address given on the Internet. So let me look for it for a long time.
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事事随缘Before dawn every morning, the fish market is already bustling. Large-scale fishing boats return. The fishermen and merchants crowded the place. This lively scene lasted until noon. This scene is the purpose of photographers. Where. People, birds, and fishes echo each other here, forming a distinctive and vivid picture of life. People who don't like this place feel that it is like a traditional market in a domestic town, but it is more original, and the strong fishy smell makes people want to escape here all the time. Those who like it will find the scene magnificent. The skilled fishermen and the helping children together constitute a scene like a blockbuster movie, and all of this is truly presented before your eyes.
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Dr Md Faisal Talukder wow ....... what a place. It was really very much refreshing enjoyable. I will come here again and again. In my opinion its a must visited place of sri lanka.
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Water Conservancy Project
泰宁根吴承恩The Dutch Canal has existed since the colonial period, and the canal is still one of the main local sports channels, and it is also worth walking here, you can experience the water life of the locals
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The Ashram Center for AyurvedaNegombo,Sri Lanka

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Pick n DropNegombo,Sri Lanka

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Blue Magpie HolidaysNegombo,Sri Lanka

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Negombo BeachNegombo,Sri Lanka

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Angkaramulla TempleNegombo,Sri Lanka

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Negombo Public CemeteryNegombo,Sri Lanka

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Natural Landscapes
Water Recreation
Dreamy seaside train from “Spirited Away” Sri Lanka has been praised by many travel magazines as “the country with the most beautiful train lines in the world”. This train route from Colombo to Galle has one of the most beautiful window scenery in the world. The train travels along the blue sea as if driving in the sea. It is said to be the inspiration for the sea train in Hayao Miyazaki's "Spirited Away". Driving on this century-old railroad track, the speed of the train is not fast, and rarely exceeds 30 km/h. When the train is moving, the door is not closed. You can learn from the locals and hang by yourself on the open door, and let the sea wind blow your hair. It is a really convenient way to enjoy the scenery.
avtarTripBlog   Dec 27, 2019
Explore Nature
Natural Landscapes
Green Travel
Sri Lanka is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. A visit to the beaches to relax and enjoy a few days of leisure is a must when you come to Sri Lanka. Here are 8 beaches in Sri Lanka, each with its own characteristics. You will definitely find one that is suitable for you.
avtarTripBlog   Dec 3, 2019

Negombo Weather

Sep 22, 2021
Mostly Cloudy
26 ~ 31
Sep 23, 2021
Partly Clear with Showers
26 / 31
Sep 24, 2021
Thunder with Rain
26 / 30
Sep 25, 2021
26 / 30
Sep 26, 2021
Thunder with Rain
26 / 30
Sep 27, 2021
Cloudy with Showers
26 / 29
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Negombo
Sep 22, 2021 Negombo Weather: Mostly Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 74%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:00/18:07
Negombo Running: Not Recommended, Cycling: Suitable

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