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Things To Do in Neijiang

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雨雪霏霏zyxI especially like the horse show with the ticket! I like it very much, it is shocking, the master is very good, and there is a female master, very admirable, the park still has a lot of rides, I like archery the most! Overall is great, but I am too hot for heatstroke, I didn't play well, I have the opportunity to go again.
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Amusement Park
滇国剑客In this world, there is really no wonder, roller coaster, pirate ship, children's castle and so on all kinds of equipment for all ages, here to concentrate, to provide customers with all-round service.
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滇国剑客The geological hazards of Shenglu Mountain are named for the province. The original shape of the mountain is beautiful, but the mountain springs of the streams are still beautiful.
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绿叶如风I have heard that the scenery of the Lianjie Slate River is good, and I have not achieved my wish until today. Seeing the evaluation in the network, I want to justify it. True, as a still perfect 4A scenic spot, there are still some deficiencies. But we should see that the scenic spot is working hard. I suggest, friends who like mountains and waters, you can go to punch in. When you step on the brook, breathe the pure air, all the way up, you see the beautiful scenery and steep or hanging stones, when you take the cruise on the return trip, you will definitely feel good! 0
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s j j s y 20210115Longchang stone arch group has three attractions: Nanguan ancient town, Beiguan scenic spot, Lianfeng Park composition. A day trip to Longchang, Sichuan, thinking of finding a place close to the main urban area of Chongqing, check that Longchang is a moderate distance, Longchang's attractions also accord with our ideas, the weather is also good, decisively set off. In order to reduce the tiredness of driving, we decided to leave tonight, 18 o'clock from Shapingba, Chongqing, 138 kilometers from Chongqing, and stay at Longchang Guyu Impression Hotel at 8 o'clock in the evening. Let's go to Longchang Night View, there is a tower not far away, go there, Tianyun Tower. [view] North Guan night view [interest] is suitable for seeing [price/performance] at night
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M40***18The Zhonglong Mountain in Zizhong County is located in the northeast of the city, there are the Ming Dynasty built Yongqing Temple and other ancient temples and the carved cliff statues of Sui and Tang Dynasty up to 160 feet, 1648, most of them are well preserved. There are also many famous inscriptions since Tang Dynasty. Yongqing Temple has more than 1700 collections, including Su Dongpo, Huang Tingjian and other famous calligraphy monuments and Guo Mu, Zeng Guoyi, Zhang Daqian calligraphy and painting. Huang Tingjian's "Yulan Fu" monument is the most valuable, is a rare treasure.