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Things To Do in Norrbotten

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National Park
Luer被人注册了Perhaps the best place to see northern light on earth
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Modern Architecture
凹凸曼和小伙伴Just look at the ice hotel 📍 Located in Kiruna 🚌Means of transportation: 100 bus You can check the timetable at the bus station. It is recommended to take the bus at 10 am and return at 2 pm. The one-way trip takes about half an hour. (It depends on the weather and waiting time.) 🔺Round trip ticket: 58SEK 🔺Destination: The stop where almost half of the passengers get off is the ice hotel 🎫Ticket: 375SEK (including hotel, church, bar visit fee) 📝It should be noted that the ice bar opens at 12 noon, serving special vodka, 60SEK/cup, orange flavor Recommended play time: 2 hours 🧲Recommended reason and gameplay: 💡The scenic spot itself has long been famous, so there is no need to repeat it. 💡The hotel room design is purely aesthetic. Even if the room is booked, the guests will end up sleeping in the back-up cabin outside the hotel. 💡Just entering the ice hotel, the body temperature is acceptable, the longer the time, the colder. Those travelling with children and the elderly must take measures to keep warm and cold. 💡The lounge outside the hotel serves light meals and hot drinks.
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Science & Technology Museum
whoisangelThere is a high chance of seeing the aurora here. It is a wonderful thing for people to come here to take a look at a few in their lifetime. It is really fantastic to see the green aurora across the sky from time to time.
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小雪Snow酱Check in at Kiruna Railway Station ❄️0️⃣ under 7️⃣ degrees, it must be a lie to say that it’s not cold‼ ️Kiruna Railway Station is very small and has no staff, so be sure to buy tickets in advance! The train station is open. The iconic workers in front of the platform are worth taking photos. There are screens on the platform, indicating the specific destination, time of arrival, etc. There is also a simple house on the 2nd floor, where you can rest. Waiting for treatment to see is the beginning ☀️ is also the end At the end of the world, there is still our story hidden ✔️ Do you have any regrets?
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National Park
M49***70Sarek National Park is located in Jokkmokk Municipality, with a beautiful environment and maintaining the original natural ecology. This is a paradise for mountaineering enthusiasts and hikers, but it is not suitable for beginners, because there are no specially marked trails, and there are no accommodations such as hotels. The mountains in the national park are generally above 1,800 meters. There are 13 peaks that are more than 2,000 meters above sea level. The mountains are numerous and the natural scenery is beautiful and charming.
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佛宝宝Abisko is a small and very small mountain village. I recommend everyone to live in the grandpa’s house. The grandpa is very kind. You must book a husky sled. It’s wonderful to run in the winter forest with you. The scenery of the mountains and lakes on the road still feel beautiful when I think of it