North Slope Of Changbai Mountain
Changbai mountain
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903 Reviews
傻乐傻乐的笑笑妈Because the weather is changeable, there are less than 1/3 time in the year to see the water, so I saw like winning the prize. Fortunately, don't do it. When I went up the north slope, it was cloudy and rained on the mountain road. I felt that I couldn't see or had to wait. I didn't expect to go to the pool just exposed a corner, is anxious to feel a few photos, suddenly the wind came, I saw the entire pool and the opposite snow peak, so happy. Changbai waterfall is smaller than expected, Biyuan Lake is OK, the underground forest is very tired, back and forth for 1 and a half hours, the scenery is very general. If time is tight, it is recommended to put the underground forest last or skip, but the Grand Canyon on the south slope is well worth seeing.
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Hot Springs Resort
M22***77Changbai Mountain Julong Hot Spring is so fun, Mengchong Park has a cute rabbit alpaca sika deer and other 30 kinds of small animals, outdoor hot spring scenery is really beautiful, soaking up the body is really comfortable, and other hot springs are really different to whiten the skin will come!
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梦露夫人Today, I went to the west slope of Changbai Mountain, starting from 6:40AM, 9:30AM from Yanji Bus Terminal to Erdaobaihe Town. Because I want to transfer here, I walked along the river for a while. I feel that the Erdaobaihe is really beautiful.
323 Reviews
yangnizi"The magic world" water system is the hot spring water which is poured down from the Tianchi Lake of Changbai Mountain, which is not frozen all year round. Every winter, when the temperature reaches minus 20 degrees Celsius, the mist steams, and the mist and the tree hangs, and it is surrounded by the heaven and man, and the scenery is like a fairyland, as if it were the ancient world of the primitive society. The photographer called it "the world of the devil".
418 Reviews
yjw2000Longyue Hot Spring, also called Julong Hot Spring, is located about 900 meters north of Changbai Waterfall, the lower side of the north to the stone heap. The distribution area of more than 1,000 square meters. Erdaobai River from the hot spring group through. The right side of the river, the spring mouth is concentrated, there are dozens of places. There are 7 places in the larger spring, and four or five places on the left. countless heat flows from the ground, like a group of dragons spraying water, so the name is Julongquan. The temperature of each spring varies, generally above 60℃, up to 82℃, is a high-heat hot spring. The water inflow at the spring mouth is generally 1.8-3.6 tons/time, and the maximum can be 5.96 tons/time. There are rare plants beside the hot springs, and the plants are spitting from the springs. The mineral ions in the sulfide water, such as iron, copper, magnesium and manganese, spill over and deposit to the surface, forming red-brown, green, purple, gold and other mineralization layers, such as a natural oil painting, hanging in the Grand Canyon. The spring water contains more hydrogen sulfide gas, make its surrounding green volcanic rock dye layers of clear red or green condensation. This contains hydrogen sulfide, calcium, magnesium and other substances of hot spring, has a high medical value, for skin diseases, arthritis and rheumatism and other better curative effect. In winter, around the hot springs, snowy, but here is the hot air, nearby litchi head covered with fog, more than Jilin City fog more genial.
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Hot Springs Resort
自由旅途121There are movie screens outdoors, hot spring sauna, massage restaurant, and the environment is very good! Especially in winter, the snowflakes are dancing outside, and the hot spring temperature is very comfortable. There are medicine bags, red wine pool, ginseng pool, and angelica pool in the pool! I really like... a holy place for health!

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Erdao BaiheNorth Slope Of Changbai Mountain,China

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Changbaishan Natural MuseumNorth Slope Of Changbai Mountain,China

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Changbai Shandong Wo Hot SpringNorth Slope Of Changbai Mountain,China

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Zhangbai Shan Yuan Shengtai Xidong Youle Sceneic AreaNorth Slope Of Changbai Mountain,China

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Shenyuan Hot Spring Holiday VillaNorth Slope Of Changbai Mountain,China

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Baihe River Nature Reserve of YanbianNorth Slope Of Changbai Mountain,China

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North Slope Of Changbai Mountain Weather

Sep 23, 2021
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Sep 25, 2021
Light Rain
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for North Slope Of Changbai Mountain
Sep 23, 2021 North Slope Of Changbai Mountain Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 93%, Sunrise/Sunset: 05:13/17:20
North Slope Of Changbai Mountain Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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