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Things To Do in Nujiang

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chenweiwenThe bathhouses on the edge of the river will be in the Nujiang Canyon, the most famous folk custom, to be counted in the Spring Festival held during the "Bath Pond Meeting". The so-called "Bath Pond Meeting" is a unique national characteristic of the Dai people in the Nujiang area traditional grand meeting. And they brought together rice, meat, oil, salt, vegetables and bedding, and came to the place where there was hot springs on the edge of the Nu River. They laid hay under the rock wall, in the caves, and in the crevices, and spread out their quilts, and made their home for seven days. Opened an open-air banquet, down to the simple hot-spot hot-spot bath, washed away dirt, stretching bones, and then gathered together to talk, to dance songs. Men and women, old and young gathered in hot spring water while washing, while laughing, play, happy, people and nature harmonious coexistence. "Bath Pond, " in fact is the Dai carnival.
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坐着火车去旅行!All the years are in Liku Town, Lishui City, Nujiang Prefecture. It is too hot in spring and summer. The average temperature of the hot longer is about 34. Winter is not very cold, but the mountain near Gaoligong and Biluo Snow Mountain is cold and will snow. Incoming Liuku is to see the original ecology of the Nujiang Grand Canyon.
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bjbillyjiaoFrom Bingzhongluo, to the direction of Chavalon, across the Shimen Pass, there is a suspension bridge, from this, is a repaired and perfect plank road, from this gentle slope, the Nujiang as companion, cool a lot, road meet the local Christian cemetery, across the bridge to the village, the village is almost rare, After all, there are not many people, there are corn planted on the roadside, even plum trees, and no one can take it. Over the village, along the river path, all the way to a bridge, there can be cars waiting there, continue to move.
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翼儿爱自由Nujiang River, passing through the Gongshan County, Yunnan Province, near Ridan village, Bingzhongluo Township, because of the barrier of Wang Yan's great cliff, the flow of the river from north to south to east to west, after 300 meters of flow, and was blocked by Danla Mountain, had to turn again from west to east sharp, A semicircular large bay is formed here, called the first bay of the Nu River. The first bay of the Nu River is powerful and natural, and has been known as the "Yunnan's last secret." This is the wonder of nature, visitors to this place, not from the sighs, photographs.
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chenweiwenQiu Natong is the last village in Yunnan Province at the northern end of Nujiang Grand Canyon. It is known as the "people and gods live together", the environment in the village is beautiful, with prominent Nu ethnic characteristics. People call this "the garden of God", the blue snow mountain, meadow, pine forest, ancient trees, wooden houses, fences, terraces and streams fall together, forming a peaceful and peaceful pastoral secret, like the wonderland of the world! In the Nu River, there must be a church where houses are inhabited. There is also a Catholic church, if you don't see the top of the cross and the Catholic Church three words, from its wooden appearance, it feels like a temple. I heard there is also a small cemetery next to the church, sleeping a missionary, father Li Wenzeng Yajing.
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enjoyzentAfter watching the unique scenery on both sides of the Nu River, I continued to ride along the Nu River. After passing through the tunnel, I saw the mysterious Nu River Bridge on National Highway 318. The Nu River Bridge is located between Bangda Town and Basu County. You can see the 72nd turn of the Nu River within a short distance. It straddles the fast-flowing Nu River with steep cliffs on both sides. It is hard to imagine the difficulty of building a bridge between such cliffs in the 1950s.

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Nujiang Travel Tips

About Nujiang

Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture is called Nujiang Prefecture for short and is under the jurisdiction of Yunnnan Province. The prefecture is located in the northwest of Yunnan Province. The prefecture gets its name from the Nu River which runs its entire length from north to south. Nujiang Prefecture is an important route north up to Tibet and west into Myanmar from Yunnan. The prefecture is distinguished by having the Three Parallel Rivers World Heritage Site, a national scenic area, and the China Shangri-La Ecotourism Area all present within its borders. The main attractions in the county include Nu River Gorge, Dulong River, and Gongshan Forest.

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Nujiang Weather

Sep 23, 2021
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Sep 24, 2021
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20 / 30
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Nujiang
Sep 23, 2021 Nujiang Weather: Cloudy, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 85%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:13/19:21
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Here are the best places to visit in Nujiang, including: Nujiang Canyon,Liuku,Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve
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