Nurnberger Land
Middle Franconia
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Things To Do in Nurnberger Land

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梦露夫人Nuremberg is a city worth visiting. It has both history and modernity, and it also has a good culture. Before 2013, I had traveled here and back for almost four years and I liked it very much. [Scenery] Good. [Fun] Good. [Cost-effective] high.
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sculptorNuremberg Castle is a set of medieval fortifications on a sandstone ridge in the historic center of Nuremberg. Together with the city walls, this castle is considered to be one of the most powerful medieval defense projects in Europe. In the Middle Ages, Germany had no capital, but the king walked from one castle to the other. Therefore, Nuremberg's castle became an important imperial castle, and in the following centuries all German kings and emperors lived in this castle. Nuremberg Castle has a history of a thousand years.
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夏宁葆The Church of St. Lawrence is a Gothic cathedral built between 1270 and 1477. It was built on the basis of an ancient Roman rectangular cathedral. Between its two Gothic towers, a circular flower window with a diameter of 9 meters is installed, and it is decorated with countless triangular doors and broken roses. The most memorable thing in the church is the altar with the star-shaped dome and the hanging wooden statue of the Annunciation. This is a masterpiece by the famous German artist Fait. Another masterpiece of his is the crucifix on the high altar. And the Eucharist Tower created by Adam Clough is also a treasure. The Lorenz Square next to it is not very big, but it is surrounded by churches, fountains, etc. It is a good place to visit for leisure. There are small sausages with local characteristics at roadside stalls, and street performers dot the square.
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wendy_panwenCountless sheds were erected on the open space on the square at the entrance of the church, and the main market square was formed with the participation of merchants~ All kinds of small businesses make people happy~ Some people buy crafts, flowers, and all kinds of gadgets~ More are for sale-preserves, cheese, ham, red wine... There are many choices~ I bought a lot of food, it tastes really good~
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猫猫在旅行The toy museum in Ulenburg is really interesting. There is a big toy at the door, attracting tourists. There are various toys from various periods in the museum, which is very interesting even for adults. The museum's display is also very good, and various toys are displayed according to the age. Especially fun is the kind of small house toy. The whole small house is very realistic, with living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room and so on. Furniture, tableware, characters, etc. are all available. There are many toys in the museum for the children who come to visit. Seeing children from all over the world, they all had a great time.
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suifeng2019St. Sebald’s Cathedral was built in the 1330s. Like many other churches in Germany, it has undergone several style changes, from Romanesque to Gothic. Later, the interior was decorated as Baroque. The atmosphere in the church is sacred and quiet, and there are not many tourists.

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