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Things To Do in Oberkirch

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fz570628In order to satisfy tourists' sense of mystery and curiosity about the "Black Forest", Viking Cruises deliberately arranged a detour into the Black Forest mountains during the itinerary. According to legend, in ancient times, many groups of troops entered the Black Forest, just like entering the Ecstasy Formation, and never came out. Since then, people's awe of the Black Forest has become more and more profound and become synonymous with mystery. It was an unexpected surprise to see the beautiful "Mist Pine" in the snow-filled Black Forest.
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蕙质兰心蕙质兰心Strasbourg, in the French region of Alsace, is on the German-French border, and has been in turn to Germany and France for many times in history. Those who have been there have changed their nationality four times in just 75 years, so they have retained the German-French elements. Big Island is the old town of Strasbourg with many famous antique buildings. Walk along the Ill River and enjoy the wooden frame houses along the riverbank. Small France is a very special French town. The bridge is flowing, the flowers are in bloom, the two sides are beautiful wooden frame houses, very attractive, displays typical French romantic style.
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轻轻的一个蚊The Notre Dame Cathedral of Strasbourg, sitting in the center of the old city, is not only a very famous Gothic-style cathedral in Europe, but also one of the most important medieval historical buildings in Europe. Because it was a bit late to arrive here, it was a pity that I could not walk into the cathedral to watch. The Cathedral of Notre Dame was built in 1176 and was not completely completed until 1439. The materials used for the church were entirely made of pink sandstone in the Vosges Mountains in the northwest of Strasbourg. On the front is a 142-meter-high minaret. The famous French writer Hugo once described the cathedral as "an amazing building that combines huge and slender."
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Hot Springs Resort
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fz570628Baden-Baden, a German town which means "bath", became a famous holiday resort in Europe in the 18th century. Great figures such as Napoleon III, Queen Victoria, Russian Tsar Alexander and other imperial nobles have enjoyed hot springs and mild climate here; literati and writers such as Dostoyevsky, Wagner, and Rams also lingered here. The hot spring is the biggest feature of Baden-Bachen.
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甪璃露丽This bathhouse requires celestial bodies to bathe, and swimsuits are not allowed. Except for the separate bathing for men and women on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, the other days are mixed bathing for men and women. Open from nine in the morning to ten in the evening, and enter at least two hours in advance. The most basic bathing ticket is 25 euros per person, which can stay up to 3 hours, and the wristband is given to start timing, including the time to put on and take off clothes. You cannot take pictures inside, and you need to swipe the timing wristband to enter and exit the locker. There are a total of 17 steps in the bathing area, of which there are about 7 pools. Remember to follow the order of bathing in the room. There are warm water and cold springs in the pool, as well as two hot springs with massage function, one large and one small. A sauna room is more distinctive. It is a traditional sauna that retains the principles of 150 years ago. After all the bathing, you have to experience the three follow-up steps of wrapping in a hot towel, applying body milk and relaxing on a recliner. You can also drink a cup of hot tea in the lounge.
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快乐鱼仙It is worth going here, and recommended! The small lake is not big, there are two football fields, but the wood carvings around the lake and the dark green cypress trees constitute the typical scenery of the Black Forest (close view). It is best to do trekking and enjoy the lake view and the Black Forest scenery (distant view) from the mountain, absolutely not to be missed!