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Things To Do in Obihiro

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Modern Architecture
M38***13Happiness Station is a Japanese national railway station in Happiness Town, Obihiro City, Hokkaido. The station was abandoned in 1987 with the suspension of the Hiroo Line. The name of the station is derived from the place name "happiness" where the station is located, and because of this happiness, the station still remains in people's hearts. Although 30 years have passed, the station has become a love memorial and prayer place for lovers.
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Hot Springs Resort
Ornamental Hot spring
隨時出走Tokachigawa Hot Spring in Hokkaido is a famous hot spring spot. They have rare thermal ball trips, but because of the weather, wind direction and temperature take-off rate is low (compared with other countries with thermal ball), if there is a day Don’t miss it if you encounter flying! I was canceled when it rained... Hokkaido in winter only has hot springs to soak and snow to full (if you can paddle snow)~
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Memorial Hall
RichardThe Centennial Memorial is located in Midorigaoka Park. From JR Obihiro Station, walk straight along the Odori Park. It will take about 20 minutes to walk. The museum in the memorial requires a ticket. However, you can purchase triple tickets for the children's amusement park and the zoo. The price is also available Offers.
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M38***13Obihiro may not have anything worth visiting other than food. This time I chartered a car to Hoshino Resorts and stopped by Manabe Garden to visit. Manabe Garden is known as the largest conifer garden in Japan. The garden is composed of a Japanese garden, a western garden and a landscape forest garden. In the courtyard, different types of improved northern conifers such as Northern Europe and Canada are planted. As there are many European-style constructions in the courtyard, after entering the courtyard, there will be a feeling of going to Europe.
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tt梦幻小妖The Yingeng Flower Clock Square is not big, and if you come in the spring and autumn season, you will see some flowers and the like. If winter comes, you can only see the vast white snow. The square here can be regarded as a center of the local area.
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M38***13The reputation of Luoyue seems to be less than Beiguolou and Liuhua Pavilion. After trying it, it feels more exquisite. The famous three-party six is made into a triangular tree wheel cake, with three flavors of tea, chocolate and strawberry. Various desserts are oriented to Japanese tastes. It's absolutely delicious, there is a hypermarket on the roadside without going to the main store in Tai'an.