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Botanical Garden
西等记忆Obihiro may not have anything worth visiting other than food. This time I chartered a car to Hoshino Resorts and stopped by Manabe Garden to visit. Manabe Garden is known as the largest conifer garden in Japan. The garden is composed of a Japanese garden, a western garden and a landscape forest garden. In the courtyard, different types of improved northern conifers such as Northern Europe and Canada are planted. As there are many European-style constructions in the courtyard, after entering the courtyard, there will be a feeling of going to Europe.
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Recreation center
西等记忆About 20 minutes walk from the station, you can see the world's only sledge racehorse. Tickets are 100 days old, but you can get free admission if you show the aforementioned dessert coupon, or you can get a free admission ticket at the entrance of the restaurant. The first time I watched a horse race, I couldn't grasp the doorway at all, so I wandered around to see how everyone fills it up, still at a loss. You can see from the photos. It is a popular activity in the local area. Middle-aged and old people and young girls get together to fill out betting tickets. In addition to looking at various data, you can also interview the stallion contestants of the day. However, the competition itself was still cruel, and each horse had to pull a ton of iron crowbar, struggling to win the first place. Next to the racetrack, there is a local specialty supermarket and an animal corner, where you can have close contact with ponies, chickens, and bunnies. I highly recommend the cute rabbits here, they are very active in the interaction, they are not smelly at all, they are too cute.
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Modern Architecture
西等记忆Happiness Station is a Japanese national railway station in Happiness Town, Obihiro City, Hokkaido. The station was abandoned in 1987 with the suspension of the Hiroo Line. The name of the station is derived from the place name "happiness" where the station is located, and because of this happiness, the station still remains in people's hearts. Although 30 years have passed, the station has become a love memorial and prayer place for lovers.
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tt梦幻小妖The Yingeng Flower Clock Square is not big, and if you come in the spring and autumn season, you will see some flowers and the like. If winter comes, you can only see the vast white snow. The square here can be regarded as a center of the local area.
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翱翔的大鲨鱼Located in the garden street in Obihiro City, Hokkaido. 24 years ago, the 63-year-old grandma Zhaoye Zizhu, who liked flowers and green leaves, wanted to create a garden full of wildflowers like the wild flowers she played in her childhood. Seasonal flowers bloom on 1,500 square meters of land at the corner of the Tokachi Plain. It is visited by 100,000 tourists every year, and it has become a representative sightseeing spot in Tokachi and even Hokkaido. All the flowers in the garden were planted by grandma herself. Grandma is still taking care of the greening of the garden and is happily watching the delighted visitors. At that moment, grandma seemed like an idol dressed in a floral-patterned dress and a gorgeous flower hat appeared on the stage, and in the applause, someone wanted to sign and shake hands.

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Obihiro Centennial City MuseumObihiro,Japan

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Obihiro ZooObihiro,Japan

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Toteppo DoriObihiro,Japan

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Banei Horse Ranch TokachiObihiro,Japan

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Arakawa Fishing PondObihiro,Japan

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Obihiro Ice FestivalObihiro,Japan

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