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_FB***65_FB***65amaze with lively perform polar bear, hippo, penguin etc not commonly seen at other zoos. all the animaps are arranged and nestled at properly planned areas will surely open each eyes of a lifetime. thumb up!
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Art Museum
sophiasophiaAsahikawa is a place that was unexpectedly fun, and it can be said to be a highlight of the entire Hokkaido trip. If you happen to arrive in Hokkaido just like me, the time is not too snowy, and you find that there is not much snow in Otaru and Sapporo, and if there is not enough time to go to Wakkanai, you can try to Asahikawa and stay here for two days. Snow Art Museum can be said to be a check-in place that all girls cannot resist, and these are definitely dreamy wedding venues. I will not introduce the others one by one. I will force the afternoon tea in the western restaurant in the art museum. The whole environment makes you feel that you are already the princess's main palace... Drinking hot tea and looking at the snow scene outside... It's so pleasant. Finally, I want to spend some time telling everyone about the way of transportation to the art gallery. Don't go directly to the 53 and 630 buses mentioned in the guide, because you can't find the station at all and don't know when there is a bus. At the entrance of Asahikawa Station, there is a traffic information center, where there will be information on city buses and traffic information on the Lavender Line, which is the Fairy Terrace and Biei Line. The lady on duty will give you a map to tell you where the car's platform is, and each platform will have a different car stopping. Please go to the station 20 minutes in advance according to the time that Miss Sister told you. I can only tell you that the platform is farther than you think. The scale of the map is not accurate. If you are not familiar with the terrain, you may not be able to find it for a while, and Passersby don't know where it is. If you miss a bus, it means you have to wait at least 40 minutes... Hokkaido is getting dark early, and the trip on the day may be delayed. It takes about 30 minutes to get off at the "Takasagodai Entrance" station and the transportation is much simpler. The stop sign corresponds to the opposite side of the road. Just ask the lady at the front desk of the art gallery about the next bus time. There is a beautiful river on the road called Biei River...because I was attracted, I got off the bus when I came back...but everyone, please don’t do this, don’t ask me how I know...the driver asked me three times You are sure to get off from here... I nodded, so it meant that I had missed the last train and walked for more than an hour in the heavy snow of the night before walking back to Asahikawa Station, provided that my sense of direction is particularly good [笑哭][ Laugh and cry]
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乐吃购乐吃购Another food that should not be missed is the kusakawa Ramen! The curly noodles with the fresh fish soup head mingled with the yuyu soup bottom is the unique kusakawa Ramen. Aochuan Ramen Village consists of "Aoye, まつTian, いしTian, Tianjin, Shantou Fire, さいじょう(SAIJYO), workshop Kato, Meiguangxuan", the 8 most famous ramen shops in Aochuan. It is not necessary to eat or take pictures of Aochuan Ramen Village. You are invited to taste the warm special Ramen of Aochuan Road!
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City Park
rei1140rei1140To play the Asahi Bridge, take a shortcut on the way back to the hotel and enter the park by mistake. I just picked up a wallet. Willow leaves by the river, chorus singing, just practice, but it adds a lot of color to this tranquility. There are lakes, boats, and benches in the park. It feels so similar to Chinese parks. No wonder it is so kind. The only flowers are tulips blooming, all colors, meaning that summer in Hokkaido is coming. There are few people in the park and no bear kids. I really want to stay silently.
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Featured Neighborhood
eigoeigoThe romantic streets are antique. European style town. Stop and go to the characteristic shop to buy some coffee beans and grind and drink at home. My coffee love will not leave here easily!
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Mel S WongMel S WongVery informative tour and even more informative tasting of the many different types of sake that Otokoyama produces. The grounds are beautiful and the opportunity to taste the freshest water coming frm the underground springs is priceless. It is true that the best tasting products come from its source.

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Snow Flurries
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