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Things To Do in Oldenburg

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有态度的拍拍The central square of Bremen is one of the most beautiful squares in Germany. The old town hall with a history of more than 600 years, the magnificent St. Petri Dom, the modern Bremen State Assembly and the Schütting Chamber of Commerce, etc., are all very impressive. We Choosing to spend Christmas here is a very wise choice. The whole town has a festive atmosphere, even the air is romantic
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齐步走123There are many interesting statues in Bremen, and the statues of musicians in the city of Bremen can be very special and a bit confusing. Many people come here to take pictures.
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凤凤吖吖CiaoBis nächstes Jahr☁️ ​​​Take pride in how far you''ve come . Have faith in how far you can go . But don''t forget to enjoy the journey....
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UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site
东张西望望东西The town hall is one of the most beautiful buildings in Bremen. I did not expect a town hall to have a history of hundreds of years. And it’s a cultural heritage of the United Nations. You can visit it inside, but we only have half a day to go to Hamburg, so we can only watch the flowers.
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Featured Neighborhood
东张西望望东西For people like us who like to visit the old city and see the old buildings, the Schnuoer community is very much to our preference. The streets are narrow, but the old houses are high and low, very layered, and the outer walls can be Said it is colorful and very beautiful
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东张西望望东西When passing by the museum, it is already time to thank guests behind closed doors, so there is no way to go in and visit. The city of Bremen is particularly suitable for walking slowly. It is best to stay for one night, and stay for a day next time when you arrive in Hamburg Come to Bremen and take a walk