Opatija Riviera
Primorsko-goranska zupanija
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Things To Do in Opatija Riviera

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Historical Architecture
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胖小梨子The day I went to Terce Castle was windy and heavy. The mountain was really cold and cold. The castle was rather dilapidated and there were no tourists. Even on the mountain, you can see the scenery of the whole city. It is not particularly recommended if it is not on the way. After turning around, we set off for Zadar.
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Nearby City
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Featured Neighborhood
ccjccjIt is a fishing village area on the seafront of Opatija. There are many restaurants and cafes nearby. You can enjoy your meal while watching the sea view.
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Water Sports
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85158Eat the camera before the late-night snack, find the old photo of Opatia before, eat the edge code to start the night life. - Opatija is on the east coast of the Istria Peninsula, at the foot of Uchika Mountain, a Croatian seaside town. - there are soft seashore views, sea breezes creeping through the sea, shimmering hue, sitting at a coffee bar in front of the legendary old romantic Kwaner Hotel, watching the girls on the promenade be blown away by the sea breeze, and people wandering in the rays of the sunset, Years are a glimpse of the years. Opatia is a small coastal town but has many bay islands, these bay islands are simple and ancient, and Opatia coast luxury, elegant and exquisite villas, different from the one, it is romantic to come here just for a walk along the 14 kilometers of coastline! The mild climate of Opatia, also known as a small-capital resort for the European rich, was once the favorite resort of the Hapsburgs and European aristocrats and cultural celebrities, including Princess Sisi. - Visit: the Kovanere Bay highway takes a photo of the Opatia Angelina Park on the seaside, viewing the Mediterranean Seafront Promenade with its characteristic plants, best for visitors to walk the St. Jacobs Church, the Juraj Persler Museum of Art, the oldest building built in the fifteenth century, Watch music and drama sculpture "Girl and Seagull", Opatia's logo coast park graffiti wall, multi-celebrities graffiti frescoes various water projects along the coastline to enjoy the crafts and costumes of the old Austrian villa Juraj Sporer Art gallery night beach bar town Shop - Food: local handmade chocolate, chocolate hot pot, a variety of seafood, seaside restaurants of various countries of diet, truffles, wine, camellia cake. - Accommodation: Bevinda Lorecia Hotel Istria Hotel Kvaner Remisen (Sisi stayed) Raymonds Advanced Palace Hotel Real Amadrid Apalace - Tips: Make sure you stay at a hotel by the sea and lie and look at the sea.

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B1 Sailing,Croatia

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The Angiolina Park - Villa Angiolina,Croatia

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