Ouarzazate Province
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Historical Site
JessigzA well-preserved ancient village has almost no indigenous population. The rest are houses that exist as shops or guest houses. The village is built on the hill, with the castle ruins on the top. A free attraction.
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Ancient Settlement
乌圆小丸子I was so overwhelmed by the Italian Sky City that I felt like I walked in, it might not be good to take pictures from a distance (●◡●)ノ As a result, the scenery is good after walking by. It’s because the locals invite you to see the things in their store and they all speak Chinese Say hello to the special passages, which are dark and dark, or look at the scenery, what do you want to come back to Taobao, it’s good to go back to Taobao where the wind and sand are big, pay attention otherwise it is full of sand and the road is not easy to walk, pay attention to the animal poo
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Film Studio
Cultural Experiencial Area
泰迪小熊Came on March 6, 2019. The Atlas Film and Television Base is one of Ouarzazate’s two main attractions. The establishment of a film and television base here is not only because the place is close to the desert, it is suitable for filming similar scenes, but also because the local area is sparsely populated, it is convenient to tinker with various outdoor props, and the appearance of the local residents is similar to that of ancient Rome and ancient Greece. People are very close in appearance and it is very convenient to find extras. Therefore, there are many film and television works shot here, including famous works such as "Lawrence of Arabia", "Mummy", "Gladiator" and "Game of Thrones". Many movie scenes have been relatively completely preserved. Movie fans can easily recall scenes from movies or TV shows when they come here.
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City | ​​landmark
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Historical Site
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Desert Mountains DreamOuarzazate Province,Morocco

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Escales Au MarocOuarzazate Province,Morocco

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Skoura à VTTOuarzazate Province,Morocco

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Jebel SahroOuarzazate Province,Morocco

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Kasbah TifoultouteOuarzazate Province,Morocco

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Portal MarrocosOuarzazate Province,Morocco

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Ouarzazate Province Weather

Oct 27, 2021
7 ~ 20
Oct 28, 2021
8 / 21
Oct 29, 2021
9 / 22
Oct 30, 2021
10 / 23
Oct 31, 2021
11 / 24
Nov 1, 2021
Mostly Clear
10 / 26
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Ouarzazate Province
Oct 27, 2021 Ouarzazate Province Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 58%, Sunrise/Sunset: 07:40/18:46
Ouarzazate Province Driving: Suitable, Running: Suitable, Cycling: Suitable

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