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elsashen0529Ma'ao Bay is a U-shaped section of the Colorado River in Arizona. Because the large rocks surrounding the bay are shaped like saddles, it is called "Ma'ao Bay." Ma'ao Bay watching sunset is one of the must-see tourist attractions in the United States. Be sure to note the following: Free visit, parking is $10. There are toilets in the parking lot, no service facilities in the landscape area, you must bring good water, sunscreen, and anti-flying insect spray. The parking lot is about 15 minutes walk to the landscape area. The time must be mastered, because there is no summer time in Pegg City and Alasana. And the scenic spot has an hour summer time with the local Indian residential area. So I almost missed the sunset. The thin sand is easy to raise friends with contact lenses, please pay attention to protect. The temperature drops immediately after sunset. If you are afraid of cold, bring a thin coat.
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elsashen0529The temperature at noon can reach 40 degrees, and in summer it can reach 45 degrees. Dry and hot, so the tours focus on the morning and evening. Few people can be seen at noon, except for the water projects. Today, I found a restaurant located at the border between Arizona and Utah. Facing the lake view, I ordered a roasted pumpkin shredded with tatami, pistachio sesame and avocado salad. Juicy. Beautiful scenery, food, beauty ...[Naughty][Naughty][Naughty]
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chenweiwenThe Monument Valley, known as Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, is located on the Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona-Utah border, one of the ten enchanting deserts of the United States, with its magnificent scenery, which is used many times as a location for the Hollywood Westerns and as a television set. The background of the advertisement is more famous for the Forrest Gump biography. The formation of the special geomorphology is the deposition of the ancient Rocky Mountains here, and then turned into sandstone, because of the pressure of strata, resulting in the surface fault uplift, and the erosion of the wind and rain, became the ancient city of the present ruins of the landscape.
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东张西望望东西Although the Grand Canyon Dam is not as large and famous as the Hoover Dam, it is also a particularly spectacular attraction. The scenery around the dam is particularly good. Although the self-driving car stopped here for a while, the beautiful scenery still impressed us
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National Park
M30***41Amazing, peaceful and well worth the time spent on this visit. I would love to return and walk more once I have my walking boot removed.

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Monument ValleyCoconino County,United States

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Glen Canyon DamCoconino County,United States

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Hidden Canyon KayakCoconino County,United States

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Skydive Lake PowellCoconino County,United States

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Skoony's Lake Powell AdventureCoconino County,United States

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Lake Powell OutdoorsCoconino County,United States

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