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Nature Reserve
夏吹夏夜风Red beach is the world's unique red coastline, red velvet-filled beach from April to October from red to purple, and September is the best red beach viewing season, because in addition to red beach can eat panjin river crab. (Highly recommended from food) Red Beach has become a national 5A-level scenic spot in January this year. It feels very different to come to Red Beach again. In addition to various hardware and software upgrades, the ticket price is also a lot 😂. 🌸The latest Raider of Red Beach Scenic Corridor The total length of Red Beach Scenic Corridor 18.115Kilometer, is a coastal highway, with three doors: Erjiegou Bridge, the Guanting and the middle of the Triangle near the scenic spot to stroll. The Guanting has a tourist service center and a gate. Private cars can not enter the scenic spot, only take the scenic sightseeing train or the tour bus. ⚠️ This year, the red beach is not as large as the previous year's red beach area for various reasons. Only three places can see a beautiful red beach, ranking order 1⃣️ Step Xia Walk Scenic Area: This year, the nearest red beach to the path, you can shoot a large red beach very close, so there are more tourists. ⚠️⚠️ The path may be too close to the beach, so it is covered with a layer of plastic floating board, relatively slippery and some uneven places in the middle of the two boards, easy to stumble. The side fence is very low, and when people are crowded, be sure to pay attention to safety! 2⃣️Langqiao Aimeng: The best place to see the path, although the alkaline canopy is a bit bald near the path, but there is a large red beach in a very good color for a few hundred meters to go to the Erjiegou Bridge. opposite the dream of Tongqiao is the dream space of rice. Although September is not the best season for paddy painting, the rice has become golden and has a flavor. In the dream space, there are a lot of straw interactive devices, such as castles, warehouses, scarecrows, etc., and the photo is particularly good. 3⃣️ Concentric to the sea: The alkaline canopy near the path is basically bald, and the red beach is still very beautiful in the distance. Here the sea rose half faster, and we need to pay attention to the tide time. 🌟Taxia walk and the bridge love dream are the two most concentrated attractions, there are many food stalls, other places are not open for the time being. 🌸The best season for the Red Beach Viewing 3-4Month birding (there are more than 260 birds passing through the Red Beach) 7-8Month rice field painting 9-10Month Red Beach 🌸Practical information address: Red Beach National Scenic Corridor, Zhaoquanhe Town, Dayi County, Panjin, Opening Time: 8:00-17:00(5.1-10.31)8:30-16:30(11.1- 4.30) Tickets: Adult ticket + sightseeing train: 145 yuan
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M35***06First time here, I saw a lot of forwarded videos or places to punch in the red on the tremor, and I came, just there are activities, ticket prices are cheap and affordable. It's really good to bring children and husbands here. There are good places to punch in and take pictures. People are also very enthusiastic. Welcome everyone to punch in
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Hot Springs Resort
M27***96Have been several times, it was fun, fun! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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M11***09The scenery is very good, imitating the construction of the Jiangnan garden, suitable for photographing, the second phase of the project has not been completed, a little pity. The main focus is the scenery, only the main door has food to sell, and the rides are also on the main door. Few people.
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嫑忈8583it is very beautiful and colorful because of there are so many different colour of lights inside. it seems that no pollution inside 宝晶宫 because it is very nature inside.
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City Park
xuqian2013The most beautiful comprehensive park in Panjin, the historical tracks and natural beauty, and a not small zoo, every time I come, I feel very pleasant and refreshing!

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About Panjin

Panjin is located in the southwestern part of Liaoning Province. Liaodong Bay borders it to the south and Shenyang borders it to the northeast. This is one of China's most well known petrochemical cities. Panjin is located in the Liaohe Oilfield, which is the third-largest oil field in China. The oil field is not only the leading local industry but also a rarely seen industrial attraction. Panjin also has unique natural scenery. The world-famous magnificent landscape of the Red Beach attracts tens of thousands of tourists—both Chinese and foreign—every year.

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Oct 28, 2021 Panjin Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 42%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:17/16:53
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Here are the best places to visit in Panjin, including: Red Beach National Scenic Corridor,Honghai Wetlands Hot Springs Paradise,Beilu Garden
You could try South China Culture Park,Hubin Park,Qicai Manor,Red Beach Hot Spring Resort,Panjin Jeju Island Hot Springs in Panjin
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