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Things To Do in Phan Thiet

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Cold_Moon_ImprintIn Mina, all attractions do not charge tickets, and Fairy Creek is no exception. I will not say more in China, and it will be hundreds at a time. "The first sight of the fairy stream was common, but the red sandy land features that had been formed by rain and erosion attracted my attention. This murky stream must have been the result of the red sandy soil here, which had evolved into this color, combined with the blue sky and white clouds." Amazing beauty. The water of the fairy stream is very shallow, the sand is very fine, so must take off the shoes to feel the water and sand massage, the stream after sunlight, warm, flow through the toe seams, itchy, itching, it seems that the fairy is using her long, slim little hands to help you foot bath, very comfortable. The typical red sand clay land features flowing water, the water from the top is mixed with red sand clay on the surface to the bottom of the valley, and the slowly red stream is dyed, which is the place that visitors must visit today, and the locals will walk here, That's why you have such beautiful names.
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Tree-LiVietnam Minai fishing village life is still quite heavy, early in the morning seafood market opened, many locals to buy fresh seafood, of course beach garbage may be unacceptable to many people, so for some people, please be careful. Here are the following recommendations.
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_FB***28Enjoyed the trip ! Must rent the board to play at Red Sand ! It’s really fun
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超级cttWhen we arrived at Hà Tiên Beach in Phan Thiet yesterday, we were very shocked. I have never seen so much rubbish on a beach. Obviously, this rubbish was washed into the ocean and then washed up on the beach when the tide was high. It seems that people in the whole town are dumping rubbish here. Apparently some resorts clean up the rubbish in front of their resort, and then throw it on the pile of rubbish next door. It's incredible! I know this is the rainy season, but to be honest, I doubt if this place has ever been completely cleaned up. It looks like this is garbage accumulated over the years. Honestly I want to go to a better place to spend my holiday!
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广州丁满Vietnam's larger scale, the more famous Cham Towers are located in Nha Trang, called "Po Nagar Cham Towers", and this Cham Tower on the beach between Phan Thiet and Mui Ne is called "Po Sanu Cham Towers" ", the scale is very small, there are only two small towers, one high and one low, and part of the tower base site. Some pictures that show many pillars and have to walk a few steps to climb to the base of the tower are full of honors. This ancient Hindu pagoda in the Champa period is a bit similar to the Khmer style of Angkor Wat, very much like the scene seen in the Roluos group. The site is located on a small hill, and you have to walk a slope to the parking lot. Looking out over the sea from here, the scenery is wonderful. As for the mountains behind, there are square cemeteries with peculiar shapes, colorful and mysterious.
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广州丁满As you can see on the map, the Mui Ne Peninsula is located at a right angle to the mainland. The coastline on the west side of the peninsula runs east-west, where many hotels and resorts or local fishermen stop boats. Hanluo Beach is located on the east side of the peninsula and runs north-south. Extending to the white sand dunes. Because it is less traveled here, the form is more wild and the scenery is very magnificent. As the beach faces east, this is also a good place to watch the sunrise.