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Hot Springs Resort
沙漠里的赤裸裸[Review of Group Activities] Deding Waterfall, which is located on the Lion Mountain, eight or nine kilometers south of Qiaoting Township, Pingle County. Deding Waterfall is named after the village at the foot of Lion Mountain called Dedingchong. It is very beautiful and spectacular. The waterfall has a height of 100 meters and is divided into four levels. Each level is very spectacular. It is a place that many photographers and outdoor travellers want to see the truth. [Strong]
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阿凡强Because it has not been protected, the ancient streets are almost completely demolished, and only a few intersections are left. However, the few big banyan trees at the entrance of the village can remember the vicissitudes of history.''...
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眼中的美Thousand-year ancient banyan group has volley branches, thick green leaves arch like a bright moon, and roots like clouds. The two thousand-year-old banyan trees at the entrance of the village are luxuriant with branches and leaves, covering the sun and sky. Then go to Xianjia Hot Spring, which is known as the "Xianquan"] --This place stretches for hundreds of miles to the north of the Heaven Mountain Range, surrounded by the Gaolong River, and tens of thousands of acres of pine forests and mountains. The environment in the scenic area is beautiful, tranquil, lakes, pavilions, and each other are interesting. The gurgling water, the frogs of the forest and the nature are integrated. The overall design concept: build according to the mountain, slope and terrace, divided into three levels, hierarchical functions It is clear that the layout of the garden is optimized using the original landform as much as possible, and the human landscape and nature are integrated, creating a comprehensive tourism and leisure vacation integrating hot springs, water parks, star hotels, business meetings, catering, and sports. surroundings. Guilin Pingle Xianjia Hot Spring Tourism Resort covers an area of more than 50,000 square meters and is divided into 6 areas
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E47***26What an amazing show. Zhang Yi Mou has outdone himself here. Great cast, fantastic sets, change of settings, wonderful and seamless transitions, spectacular lights and effects. Truly wonderful sound, all against the backdrop of the maginificent mountain range and on the water. A must see show. Take it from someone who worked onboard Royal Caribbean and Celebrity luxury cruise liners and is used to splendid shows of the highest calibre, on a daily basis.
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_FB***21ADVENTURE QUESTSo this place is a pretty vibey area and the nightlife looks comparable to Thailand nightlife minus the things that ya know.. Thailand is famous for...but it's still very well lit up and loads of unique bars and nightclubs. I definitely recommend. during the day however it's still a beautiful scenic area which was great for walking around and doing your typical tourist shopping.. QUEST TIME! attached to my review is a photo of a guy. His name is Mobin. He typically hangs around the main entrance area of west street across from the KFC. you might see him sporting a ball cap. He is a freelance tour guide and I highly recommend you talk to him and take him up on his offer of being your tour guide! My wife and I are well traveled and generally pretty sceptical of the freelance tour guides (often times that's how scammers catch naive tourists) but this guy didn't give off that vibe at all and I'm really glad we took him up on his offer of. tour. we rented a scooter from a nearby shop and he took us all over the beautiful countryside to take photos and explore hidden areas that we definitely would have missed had we just driven ourselves around. He's well informed and a very friendly. he carries a notebook with hand written reviews of all the tourists he's guided. He speaks English pretty well and bonus points his tour is extremely affordable! Your quest is to FIND MOBIN and TAKE HIS TOUR. you won't regret it!
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Tellawe drove along those route from the airport to our accommodation. It is so beautiful and unique you don't know where to look. In some respect its better than the built up areas where construction and buildings take away from the view.

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Sep 24, 2021 Pingle Weather: Cloudy, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 55%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:26/18:32
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