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孤独的行者@Located in Yuelu District, Pingliang City, it connects  Panshan in the west and looks at 800 miles of Qinchuan in the east. The main  elevation is 2,123 meters, the forest cover is over 95%, the total area is 83.6 square kilometers. Confucianism, Taoism and Shiism are one.
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bngd11The scenic spot is located in a long, gentle, clear valley, it is really cool, but the behavior of individual cleaning people make people groan, always thought that the tourists are not quality, the garbage in the cliff is the tourists lost, but when I visit the attractions back to the Penjia Mountain, See individual cleaning personnel, in the trash can can sell the drink bottles into the bag, other domestic garbage to the cliff, throw down easily, but back to pick up the pain, who teach you to do this hygienic! At that time I didn't use my mobile phone to take pictures of these cleaning staff, what quality, call you to clean, not let you to destroy the sanitation, you are food?
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开心天涯客The temple is located in the suburb of Pingliang City, built according to the mountains, the scale is small, the surrounding mountains are surrounded by, the vegetation is abundant, the natural scenery is beautiful, the mountain gate was built in the early Ming Dynasty, the ancient meaning is strong, the history is full, the ticket is slightly expensive.
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Taoist Temple
M21***31Many of the Northwest Temples are not large, Dayun Temple is not small, but the hall is not open. Isn't this a fool? Anyway, I will not go again. The Wangmu Palace barely made it up on the mountain.
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City Park
酒仙老周A small park in the city! No tickets are charged! It is the kind that the citizens of Pingliang go every day! The old people are not bad at punching and dancing in a square! Foreign tourists do not have to go! [price/performance ratio]
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bngd11Located on the Lushan Road in the north of Lingtai County, adjacent to Lingtai Vocational Middle School, 4A level attractions, free to visit, Lingtai Museum is also in it, are free.

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Dayun TemplePingliang,China

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Nanshiyao TemplePingliang,China

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Chenjiadong Sceneic AreaPingliang,China

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Kongtong ReservoirPingliang,China

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Chengji Culture CityPingliang,China

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Pingliang Travel Tips

About Pingliang

Pingliang, located in eastern Gansu Province, was an important city along the ancient Silk Road. Pingliang has a long history and is rich in both natural scenery and cultural history. Here you will also find the combination of national park, national geopark, and most important mountain in Daoism that is the Kongtong Mountain National Park. You will also find the first structure in legendary ancient China for offering spiritual sacrifices - Gu Lingtai (古灵台 “Ancient Spirit Platform”) - and the first altar structure where the emperor made an offering to heaven - the Lotus Platform. Even more famous throughout the country are the area’s Longyin Temple (龙隐私 - “Hiding Dragon Temple”) and Zijing Mountain (“Thistle Mountain”).

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Pingliang
Sep 21, 2021 Pingliang Weather: Overcast, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 80%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:40/18:53
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Here are the best places to visit in Pingliang, including: Kongdong Mountain,Yunya Temple National Forest Park,Dayun Temple • Wangmu Palace
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