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_We***75its the best travel app ever. thanks god there is in our service otherwise i could have lost myself ❤️
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yjw2000Lishui Ecological Scenic Area (Lishui: hu hu) is located on the southwest edge of Pingshan County, Hebei Province, the old revolutionary area. The tourist area is 11.5 square kilometers and the altitude is 800--1100 meters. It is 95 kilometers away from Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province. The waterfall in the ecological scenic area of Lishui is a typical karst karst spring, which flows inflow all year round, and the seasons are inexhaustible. The water quality is clean and sugarcane, which falls along the cliff, and forms a multi-level waterfall of 93m and 45m, which is "wave like snow, spray like flowers", "like the white sutra in the sky, the white rainbow drink in the source", Winter ice waterfall high hanging, such as curtains, such as jade flowers, a thousand strange state, crystal clear, is a treasure in the north; history has the south hanging, north has the oyster, but now hard to find the oyster, here can be satiated, it is a northern one; The mountain is majestic and beautiful, strange shape, camel peak, dream pen, Ling Xufeng, sit lotus Guanyin, a line of sky, natural bridge, and so on, countless, clever, lifelike, leaving many difficult to solve the mystery to the visitors; More than 500 kinds of natural plants will be the valley dressed in colorful, lush, primitive forest, summer green autumn red, a hundred birds contending, it is called the North Xiongnan Xiu a body; Folk tales, myths and legends, wonderful and interesting, five dragons, the goddess, the lotus fairy, black dragons, the god clocks and so on, and so on, into a series of passages, like the flow of the flow of water, can not say, the road is not finished, showing the Taihang Mountain region, a long and rich history and culture; The folk houses of green lime tile, the ancient steed horse stump, the horse stone, the stone mills of the ancestors, and the simple and thick folk customs, the warm and hospitable folk style, concentrated reflects the ancient and rich Taihang style.
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珍珍是我Worth going here and have been many times. It is nearly two hours away. There are 40 kilometers after getting off the high speed and it is easy to walk. Parking fee is 10 yuan. Sightseeing car is 10 yuan. The cable car is 90 yuan down, the cable car is 28 minutes one way. Going on June 5th, blue sky and white clouds, picturesque. No sightseeing bus back to town, about 20 minutes walk. The whole lap is about 15,000 steps.
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Geological Sites
M45***29To praise the beautiful scenery, ~ natural scenery is really unique, the name of the northern Wudang is not false, our family of three is after the rain to climb the mountain, the scenery is more beautiful! Tiangui Mountain is not too high but very wide, so it is recommended to take the cableway up and down the mountain. Even if it takes four or five hours to be fun, the route ~ Cableway Uphill ~ Yuquan ~ Guizi Monument ~ Zhenwu Cave ~ Qinglongguan~ Chonghuai Palace ~ White Mao Nvdong ~ White Mao Nvdong ~ Tianti ~ Golden Peak or Watchtower (all the highest points) ~ Cangyan Palace ~ Yuquan ~ Cableway down the mountain, if the time is not enough, abandon the Tiantai ~ Golden Peak (because this section is very high and takes time and needs to return to the original road, and the ropeway ends at five o'clock, the Guizi Monument and the White Maonvdong are the iconic scene in the scenic spot). You must not miss it! The professionalism of the scenic spot is not enough, the signs of the scenic spot are not clear, and many Taoist opinions in the scenic spot have a taste of cheating money. If you enter the scenic spot, there will be a tour guide who borrows free introduction to guide you to a Taoist view at the entrance of the scenic spot. Don't be fooled. I have seen many places. Knowing this trick, I will ask for a family ribbon tied to the big maple tree, ask for a peace, give 30 yuan money immediately go to take the cableway, do not listen to what master's flickering, in fact the scenic area is not as good as the price, otherwise will destroy the image of the scenic area! Cangyan Palace is also the same as the fraud method, not listening to it, the various Taoist views in the scenic spot and Osaka, I hope to help everyone.
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Memorial Hall
yjw2000Xibaipo Scenic Area of Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang, is located in the middle of Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, with a total area of 1644square meters. Xibaipo is one of the revolutionary sacred places in China, is a national key cultural relics protection unit, the national AAAAA class tourist attraction. Xibaipo was the seat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, where the Central Committee of the Communist Party and Chairman Mao directed the three major battles of Liaoshen, Bohai and Pingtsu, which decided the direction of the Liberation War, and held the Second Plenary Session of the Seventh Central Committee and the National Land Conference of great historical significance, to liberate all China. It is said that the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Central Military Commission and the headquarters of the people's Liberation Army moved from Xibaipo to Peiping on March 23, 1949.
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Memorial Hall
老外6Xibaipo Red Scenic Spot is located deep in Taihang, Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang. It is the last rural command post where the Communist Party of China led the Chinese revolution and liberated the whole of China. The first thing you can see at the gate of the former central site is the monument of "Hebei Province Patriotic Education Base" , A white wall makes the former site of the CPC Central Committee look like it did. It is also one of the three cradles of China's revolution.

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About Pingshan

Pingshan County is situated in the west of Hebei province. It is known for its beautiful natural scenery and rich history. The remains of the capital city of Zhongshan (a small state that existed during the Warring States period) are located here. It is one of Hebei's most popular destinations and offers a wide range of landscapes including mountains, caves, forest, grassland, lakes, waterfalls and hot springs. The Chinese Communist Party established its base here during the Civil War.

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