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Things To Do in Pingxiang

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Historical Site
西门吹雪2The Friendship Pass is located in Pingxiang City, Guangxi, one of the ten famous Passes in Chinese history, and is the only Pass that still plays the role of customs clearance. The end of National Highway 322 passes through the Gate of Friendship Pass and is connected to the Vietnamese Highway. Friendship Pass is the biggest and most important barrier on the border between China and Vietnam. The high mountains on both sides stand, the situation is steep, the pass is stuck in the canyon passage, the friendship pass three words by the handwriting by marshal chen yi.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
M26***51The scenery of Baiyun Cave is beautiful. I used to play in the spring outing in elementary school. At that time, there were still many monkeys. I went to study and work in other places. More than ten years have passed. Now I am visiting the old place again.
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Historical Site
suoowangWorth going. The boat trip back and forth takes two hours to see the sights on both sides and it will be there in a moment. And the trip is actually in addition to the flower mountain rock paintings, there are alpine rock paintings, etc. The cliff rock paintings, are very spectacular. We got to our destination and luckier, we had more than 20 people on the boat so the guide said we could go up and see it up close. If there were too many people, we could only see it on the cruise. The rock painting itself was spectacular with lots of detail but only 20 minutes of tour time was arranged. The guide would do a brief introduction. But the worst thing is that it was too hot and too hot to see for a few hours if there was enough time. The rock painting was unobstructed, the light reflected directly and the eyes couldn't see it. After standing for about ten minutes, the clothes were sweaty and hot enough to stand. So I can't look carefully. If there is a detailed indoor science and technology venue, it will be fine. If everyone comes in the summer, try to arrive in the morning, it is really hot in the afternoon.Bring a hat and umbrella and sunscreen. In addition, the scenic sign is more confusing, and the cruise ticket office is very difficult to find. We came and went back and forth several times. Everyone looks at the red star on my map, that is the dock on the boat.
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E27***44amazing waterfall and park! we went early in the morning and avoided crowds. very enjoyable walk and scenery . high recommended!
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whl旅途They are all mahogany, national AAAA-level scenic spots. The fun is a bit monotonous, and it’s not fun, but for those who like mahogany furniture, they can’t finish it in a day. It’s too big for an appointment.
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Geological Sites
E35***53A nondescript building but my room was fine - comfortable, working hot shower, clean linens and towels. Moreover, guests despite staying in this budget hotel have free entry to the Resort/Park Scenic Zone and great breakfast at the big restaurant. The check-in is at the next door Art Hotel - all belonging to the same group.