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Things To Do in Plymouth

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WillSumIf you have to find a landmark for this coastal city, you must give it to this lighthouse. The entire lighthouse is located on a high ground in the city, surrounded by greenery and some monuments to make the sights very open here. The lighthouse itself can also go up. Standing on it, you can see the view of the naval base next to it, and there are also some seats that can block the rain but the wind. Many people like to come here to walk their dogs on the lawn and sit in a daze.
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Modern Architecture
M15***77Britain is a place with a relatively long history of railways, and the tracks are very contemporary
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Historical Site
WillSumPlymouth is second only to Bristol in the southwest of England. The area of the urban area still maintains the structure of most British cities. It is basically a half-hour walk from east to west or south to north in the core area. The seaside here still has military bases that can be opened to the outside world (reservation required) and a large-scale yacht marina, but it was winter when we went, but we didn’t expect someone to swim in the sea when the temperature was close to 0 degrees. I had to admire The physique of foreigners!
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乖小咪Cornwall beach is a very beautiful beach in Montego Bay. The water here is very clear and transparent, and exudes a deep blue. The beach is full of beach chairs, which is definitely a good place to relax and sunbathe.
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aisiteluWhen I went there, there was no way for mayflower II to do maintenance. I had to make it up on the spot. There is a small village like Hengdian in the surroundings that can be visited, but the scenery on the hillside is even more
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乖小咪Aquisol Beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica is a relatively pristine beach in the area, and it has not been developed commercially. There are many strangely shaped reefs along the shore. This is a place where many sea fishing enthusiasts like to come, because there is nothing to disturb, it is said that you can catch a lot of fish.