Port Fairy
Moyne Shire
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Things To Do in Port Fairy

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_yao_yao_In Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia, we drove all the way along the Great Ocean Road. You can live in Port Fairy. The town is very small, and there may be fewer choices. You can also live in Warrnambool. With such a beautiful name, the scenery is also very beautiful. The key is that there are very few tourists. There are few tourists on the beach, only a few locals. Especially the lighthouse that I saw while walking along the seawall is very beautiful, the setting sun is shining, and it is quiet~
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优的良仕We continued to drive forward and came to Warrnambool. It is generally believed that Warrnambool is the last attraction and town on the Great Ocean Road, because the general tourist group will turn to the highway back to Melbourne when they arrive here, and rarely return along the Great Ocean Road. Although Warrnambool is not very well-known, but there are invincible beaches, so I actually stayed here for an hour to play. The advantage of free travel is that it is casual and fun. Who cares what the name of this attraction is. The beach here is also very good, there are few people, you can take a break here and relax by car.
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十曲桥There is no tower on the mountain. The name is called because it is the commanding height of Warrnambool. The road is very narrow and not suitable for large buses. Generally, group tourists will not come and only encounter a self-driving car. It was the first time I saw wild ostriches on the side of the road. They were not afraid of people or cars. A large grassland surrounds the lake on the top of the mountain, and there is a building similar to a canteen next to it. I think this is a good place for a picnic in the hottest season. The lakes and mountains do not require tickets and are worth a visit.
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渝泾先生South Anhui Buer Beach is also worth having fun. Compared to other towns on the Great Ocean Road, this place is very quiet. A cafe Pavillion cafe & Bar, I met a naughty seal, and a walking corridor along the coastline, along the way introduced various rocks and sea creatures.
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爱耍的周大爷It takes only half an hour to drive from Warrnambool to Port Fairy. We came at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. It is a very quiet town. It is especially recommended to Griffitts Island in the southeast of the town. It is very suitable for hiking. The key is that there is no one, the seaside There is also a lighthouse like Little Red Riding Hood, especially beautiful in the sunset!
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Rock Monument
队长 大使馆Twelve Apostles is a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of Port Campbell National Park, by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. It's a good place to walk by the side while snapping some photos.