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78 Reviews
小鱼儿2015It’s a very open pasture, where you can feel very good and interesting things. The pasture itself is also a huge environment. It is also a good price to raise some varieties, and it is very comfortable.
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Outdoor skiing
曾大宝贝The air tickets from Shenzhen to and from Seoul are cheap, and there is a Phoenix Hotel next to the ski resort. There is a band at night to enjoy the snow scenery of the ski resort, and it feels good to be relaxing. But the snow is not too big.
32 Reviews
National Park
一叶扁舟1968The temples of Mount Wutai in South Korea are much smaller than Mount Wutai in our country, but the scenery is better than ours. Because Master Silla admires Mount Wutai in China, he named her place of practice as Mount Wutai.
55 Reviews
SnSJI_悠悠During my summer vacation in Korea, I went to Yongpyong Resort in Gangwon-do. I took KTX from Seoul Station to Jinbu (Odaesan) Station / Jinbu (Odaesan) Station. The KTX fare was 21,900 won, and the journey took one hour and 40 minutes. Afterwards, there is a free shuttle bus to reach the resort, and the transportation is very convenient throughout. We booked a relatively large family-style suite (390,000 won, because July-August is the peak season), which has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large living room. The environment is relatively clean, opposite the mountain, the air is very good, suitable for the whole family to travel, there is also a kitchen in the room for cooking. (Even if you don’t cook, there are many restaurants to choose from.) There are many entertainment programs in the resort, there are stress-relieving sound meditations (recently popular in Korea), and exciting and fun mountain bikes, mountain bikes, and Tobogganing, etc., the cost of each project is basically about 15,000 won, and there is also a cable car to Fawang Mountain (the round-trip cost is 20,000 won). The elevation of Fawang Mountain is 1458 meters. It is suitable for going up the mountain before the evening, so that you can watch the beautiful sunset and the beautiful night view. (Special reminder that the mountain is a bit cold, even in summer, it is recommended to bring an extra coat.) There is a cafe on the top of the mountain where you can drink coffee while watching the scenery, and the price is not expensive. At night, there are performances by resident singers in the resort, night scenes with lights, and outdoor barbecue (barbecue ends at 9 o'clock) are very good! It is suitable for traveling with friends or traveling with children. PS: This is also the filming location of the Korean drama "Ghost" 【view】 【taste】
43 Reviews
享受生活的每一天This is a very beautiful pasture. There are also all kinds of animals that we can't see in the city. Here, I seem to be back to basics. Feel the best side of nature. Quite pleasant!
76 Reviews
吃瓜群众167The altitude of the resort is quite high, the environment is beautiful, and it is quite far from Seoul. There is a longing ski resort inside. You can take the cable car up the mountain. There are ski trails for beginners, equipped with professional The coaches are equipped with Chinese explanations and provide various ski equipment. Those who can’t ski can also sit on sledges. The two areas are also separated. Safety measures are still in place, and many winter sports competitions will also be held here. , But those who have the courage can experience it directly.

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Peak IslandPyeongchang-gun,South Korea

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Phoenix ParkPyeongchang-gun,South Korea

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Baekdeoksan MountainPyeongchang-gun,South Korea

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Ocean700Pyeongchang-gun,South Korea

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Pyeongchang Bowling CenterPyeongchang-gun,South Korea

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Baeduduk Pumpkin Vine VillagePyeongchang-gun,South Korea

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Outdoor Recreation
Changbai Mountain Wanda Resort Primordial forest scenery and a snow field that wouldn’t look out of place in northern Europe make for the ultimate in holiday enjoyment! Changbai Mountain Wanda Ski Resort is hugely popular among domestic skiers. The resort not only boasts every kind of international standard skiing and snowboarding trail, it also has many five-star hotels. And apart from skiing and luxuriating in the hotel, you can also enjoy the superb natural scenery. For China, this place also has a particularly long ski season. From November to April, the depth of the snow can reach more than 1 meter. The snow is loose and fluffy, similar in kind to what is found in northern Europe. Every trail has ski patrol out and about watching for guests' safety.
avtarTripBlog   Nov 6, 2019

Pyeongchang-gun Weather

Oct 27, 2021
0 ~ 16
Oct 28, 2021
3 / 18
Oct 29, 2021
Mostly Cloudy
5 / 17
Oct 30, 2021
4 / 15
Oct 31, 2021
6 / 18
Nov 1, 2021
Partly Clear with Showers
5 / 16
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Pyeongchang-gun
Oct 27, 2021 Pyeongchang-gun Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 54%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:45/17:35
Pyeongchang-gun Driving: Suitable, Running: Suitable, Cycling: Suitable

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