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Geological Sites
义门回归The scenery is not bad here, the mountain is not very high, the trees are forested, the greenery is shaded, the mountain climbing road is gentle, there is a place to rest and stop not far away, suitable for the elderly and children leisurely play in spring, summer and autumn! The rock on the mountain is a part of the cobblestone accumulation, has its own geological characteristics! There are many rides in the scenic area, including rafting, cable slip, drought slip, glass path, etc., it is necessary to charge additional fees! You can not take the glass path, and go down from the mountain through the mouth! No glass path, slow to play 3-4 hours! The parking lot is not far from the scenic gate. It takes 5-10 minutes to walk. The local people can take electric three-wheeled electricity to the gate for 5 yuan. There are also tour buses in the scenic area for 5 yuan per person! There are many farmyards on the way to the scenic gate to eat!
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^0^乐山乐水^0^Maybe it's the wrong time for me to go. There are a lot of people in the scenic area, but the management is average and the bathroom is not standard enough. The meditation house has actually become a toilet. Looking forward to being more beautiful and beautiful in summer! Development is more perfect!
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Historical Site
MaxSYeah, location with natural landscape is amazing and beautiful itself! Wanna go there again. Very good for all seasons wherever you are planning your trip. Spring, summer, autumn and winter are offering quite different experience for visitors.
69 Reviews
一雨一彩虹Lingshan Scenic Area is located in Shangrao City. It has a unique natural environment, complex geological structure, and diverse landform types. It is a mountain-type scenic spot integrating vacation and leisure, sightseeing experience, and religious pilgrimage.
17 Reviews
Historical Architecture
Mommie_sandybeautiful place, it’s very big and has a lake where you can take a boat
39 Reviews
静静的玩游戏This is a free park, there is a dragon modeling, mainly to climb the mountain, the mountain road side with trees and pavilions tired can rest, do not deliberately climb the mountain, slowly taste life.

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Qian'anshi Shifu TempleTangshan,China

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Huimin ParkTangshan,China

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Qian'anshi Xiang Dong MuseumTangshan,China

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MeiLi NvRen JieTangshan,China

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Jixiangdao Water Amusement ParkTangshan,China

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Shifugu TempleTangshan,China

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Qian'an Travel Tips

About Qian'an

Qian’an is located in northeast Hebei Province in the southern foothills of the Yan (“Swallow”) Mountains and on the bank of the Luan River. Qian’an has a long history and many tourist attractions. The Shanyekou Scenic Area is a full-featured ecotourism destination with comprehensive facilities. The multicolored boulders that cover the land here were formed by the effects of high temperatures, high pressure, and movements of the earth's crust on the polished stones and sediment that once formed the floor of an ancient sea. These boulders are an important feature of the Qian’an National Geopark. Guacun and Anxinzhuang are a couple of many historical archeological sites here.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Qian'an
Oct 19, 2021 Qian'an Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 26%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:19/17:21
Qian'an Travel: Suitable, Umbrella: Not Required, UV Strength: Moderate

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Here are the best places to visit in Qian'an, including: Shanyekou Scenic Area,Tasi Valley,Great Wall Baiyangyu Tourist Area
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