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Things To Do in Qian'an

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微随遇心而安This attraction is particularly suitable for children. The design of the steps is very reasonable. It is a slow step. It is always running with water. It is fun and not tired. There are many entertainment facilities. The playability is very good. The sound control fountain is very special. 10 yuan can be experienced. The louder the sound, the higher the spray. There are glass paths and aerial shooting points, 30 people, no half price. There are drought slides and air ropeways down the mountain. Those with children under the age of 16 can only choose the slide, which is safer, 30 people. There are also jungle rafting, 50 people, more standing platoons, no experience. In short, the scenery is very beautiful, climb not tired, all the way to talk and laugh.
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M34***64It is pitted by the local villagers. Climbing the Great Wall does not require tickets. You can go up by yourself. It is recommended not to listen to the local villagers. If you climb the Great Wall there are several paths to go up! ! !
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元旦快乐888Tickets are cheaper, the scenery is good, there are more self-funded projects, rafting is expensive, the glass path is not bad, the dry slide is not bad, there is a temple that has not yet a Buddha, overall it is not bad!
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一雨一彩虹Lingshan Scenic Area is located in Shangrao City. It has a unique natural environment, complex geological structure, and diverse landform types. It is a mountain-type scenic spot integrating vacation and leisure, sightseeing experience, and religious pilgrimage.
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forestwolfThe scenic area of Longshan Park has rich historical and cultural connotations and beautiful legends, and the peaks, strange rocks, green pines and cypresses, lush, picturesque, and picturesque, show the world its charming style and charm. During the Warring States Period, Gongsun Xipeng decided to search for ant dens to obtain spring water, and the relics of the spring of ants still exist; Qi Huan took Guan Zhongzhi and let the old horse escape from the Migu Valley. There is a stone city on the top of Longshan Mountain, which was still built by Jiang Xingben, the marching chief during the "Tangwang (Tai Zong Li Shimin) Conquest" in the Zhenguan period. There is a Yiqi Temple in the southeast of the mountain, which was built to commemorate the two sons of the Guzhu Kingdom, Boyi and Shuqi; on the east side There are ancient tombs in the Western Zhou Dynasty where bronzes and pottery were unearthed; on the west side of Shanxi, there is a Paleolithic site in Zhua Village, 42,000 years ago, where stone tools, spicules, bone cones and mammal fossils were unearthed.
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Historical Architecture
Mommie_sandybeautiful place, it’s very big and has a lake where you can take a boat