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Things To Do in Qidong

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M35***87Wanfu Temple is located in Qidong County, Hunan Province. Here, the scenery is good, the environment is beautiful, and there are constant tourists. It is a good place for tourism, entertainment and leisure! Especially in the morning and evening there is a constant stream of people coming and going.
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Hot Springs Resort
滇国剑客The scenery in Qidong is good, and under the effect of warm climate change and sufficient sunlight, various flowers and plants are flourishing. And this kind of geothermal resources is also fed back underground, forming hot springs for people to enjoy.
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Water Park
滇国剑客Qidong County seems to have a lot of hot springs and geothermal resources, so it has become a kind of amusement project that attracts local people and foreign tourists. Qidongwen Swimming Water World, combining leisure and sports, is great.
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龙腾四海518At the foot of Lushan Mountain, there is a long viewing corridor, which leads to the Northwest Heights, and above it is a lush forest plantation, which was a bare piece of gravel mountain 50 years ago, in order to protect the natural ecological resources of Lushan Mountain, At that time, the leader of the Lushan Longshengguo comrade led the family to spend more than ten years to raise seedlings and afforestation, it can be said that through the hardships, on the unstable steep slope planting nearly 10,000 seedlings, now trees into forests, to protect the Lushan natural botanical garden made a major contribution! Beneath the promenade is the small reservoir of Doumen Gorge, there is a boat-shaped stone on the river, this stone is the legendary fairy boat! It is said that the flying stone into the water, because the stone like boat name! Lushan is a precious natural ecological treasure house, wild grass, woods, flowers! Animals gather! A hundred birds contend! Access to the mountains are all exotic grass, scenic sites and monuments are numerous; among them, the famous eight places, Wanshou Temple, thousand years of pot, 100 years of hero war! Thousand stone ladders to Changle! The god cows to protect the earth, the phoenix legends now ancient and present, into the mountains like the sea, pine and fir bamboo Tao Lianshan up, the breeze with the phoenix to find the fairy, the mountains all the four seasons are scenery! ...
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Historical Architecture
ulic14Despite most people just taking the shuttle busses to the summit, the hike to the top was actually quite pleasant. It was able to stay away from the road for most of it, and actually included natural trails in sections. Not all areas are clearly marked, but locals helpfully pointed me in the right direction of I took a wrong turn. Even in the heat of summer when it was sweltering at the bottom, the mountain was cooler, with much if the trail shaded, near streams, or both, often with a nice breeze blowing the higher up I went.
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Featured Neighborhood
M35***87The pedestrian street in Qidong County, Hengyang City, Hunan Province, has beautiful scenery, beautiful environment and well-developed green belts. There are many kinds of shops. There is continuous communication with customers, business is booming, and service attitude is good.