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Theme Park
cuteqiuqiu球球Amusement park is the best place to fill children's hearts 🎡🎠❤️Quancheng Oulebao Dream World ❤️🈺️Opening hours:9:00—17:30(4/5/6/9/10🈷️)9:00—18:00(7/8🈷️)9:00—17:00(2/3/11/12🈷️)As a rich project category, more inclusive theme park 🎡Oulebao Dream World has selected several to meet the different ages of people's play experience Specialized line ✨[Large-scale performing arts projects]⭐️Fantasy circus show 50 minutes per game in the Orleborg International Circus specially invited international circus team performance of high-altitude swings, motorcycle performance 🏍️Magic performance 🃏Color silk flying and so on is very exciting 🎊⭐️Real-time horse-fighting horse performance Simulated an ancient battle with dozens of war horses galloping at the horse farm 🐎 The power is very powerful. The performer is very good. Don't miss the ⭐️Net Red Fireworks Show 🎆Fireworks are surrounded by the sky over Swan Castle as bright as crystal stone and colorful as colorful as silk. Beautiful appearance 🎇 beautiful fireworks show is not every day. General holidays, winter and summer holidays, special activities, everyone must remember to consult in advance ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ stroke the point: the performances are generally one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Must be good at the time of the circus performance and the war horse performance. After watching the circus and then watching the War Horse [Amusement Facility] Dream World is a roller coaster with a theme of roller coaster 🎢 The eight different experiences of roller coasters in the park ❣️ Blue Fire Asia's first Blue Fire is here to recommend the index: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It's too exciting to push back at 100 kilometers per hour. ❣️Tornado Recommendation Index: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Suspension over the tracks, such as its name Tornado 🌪️General ❣️Motorcycle Recommendation Index: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Relatively less exciting than riding a motorcycle 🏍️Ride ❣️Cloud Sprint Recommendation Index: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️This trip up and down is "wet" and cool. It is so sour. There are raincoats and shoe covers for sale in the park. 1️⃣0️⃣yuan/set is still a conscience ❣️Global Travel Recommendation Index: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5DThe movie open naked VR experience flies to 16 meters high and appreciates the beauty of each home ❣️Raytheon pendulum light in It's very exciting to see below. I didn't dare to go up to the park and bring the baby. I can go straight to several areas ❣️Little Feilong, Roller Cup, Space Walking, Samba Balloon, etc. ❣️ Fairy Tale Town Carousel 🎠 Frog Jump, Whirlwind Flying Chair, Magic umbrella tower and other ❣️ Magic Castle Indoor Paradise projects Many pirate ships 🏴‍☠️ bumper cars, 4D Children's Cinema 🎦 Magic bikes, horse rotations, etc. ❣️ Round-the-city train 🚄 There are two stops in the middle of a circle of about 40 minutes.
4,784 Reviews
yinlu0219In fact, came to Qihe originally intended to go to Oulebao Park, feel that the safari park has been to a lot, Qihe this certainly has no special features, before the departure to see the animal kingdom of the official tweet, just know that the opening just one year, according to Asia first-class standard design and construction. Paint the key points: 1. It is best to enter the park by car, drive 190 yuan / car, buy additional tickets for tourists, stop after the end of the driving area and browse the pedestrian area with tickets. 2. Recommended for meals "tiger restaurant", you can watch baby white lion + young white lion tiger leopard black bear + adult tiger through the window while eating. 3. The White Lion Hall has a semi-underground accessway, the design is very characteristic, must go. The top of the head is a thick glass roof, the white lion on the top of the head. 4. Tiger feeding, fixed time staff will feed the tiger, watching tiger puffing. 5. Must buy a shuttle ticket at the entrance of the pedestrian area. The park is too big to walk down and is exhausted! The rain is intermittent and the show has not been seen. Next time I come, I will fill it up.
464 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
renpin86Overall, it's OK, that's how to say the hot spring water, it looks very clean ... The outdoor pool is very good, the children also like to play, what can you say the buffet, can eat full, it's still ok...
199 Reviews
Water Park
M44***18[CP] Water play summer come | hit Kaolebao Water World 🌞 hot summer day, hot winds, want to play water to kill boring time! For Jinan's friends, summer water play preferred Oulebao Water World! A lot of water entertainment, there is always a suitable for you ~ want to get summer cool come right! 💁‍♀️ Play project recommendation: 🌟 Hi play the dream whirlpool giant bowl body is like a flying house in the sky, riding the fur is like a shuttle in the time and space tunnel, the center of the bowl body is like a giant "snail" carrying its house slowly crawling, shuttled like a shuttle under the action of gravity and sometimes buffered Walk and experience the different magical pleasures of speed. 🌟Toward Olympia's six-slip super track, take a pimp along the spiral slide down the slide, as if you were driving on the winding Panshan Road, experiencing the speed and passion of a water race in a high-speed dive. 🌟 The dreamy "SPA oasis" of the happy waters of the small basin friends, a water castle full of joy and childishness, with more than 30 slides designed for children, and more than 10 water-showing sketches such as colorful mushrooms, snails, shells, cartoon water-spray buds, etc. "Mengdong", splashed water, a jubilant melody. 🌟 Laying down to explore the rafting river, there is a river about a kilometer, the river is winding around the park, driving a powerless boat, using the oar to master the direction, and sometimes rushing and sometimes gentle water flowing downstream, performing a wonderful moment in the struggle with nature, this is rafting, A brave movement. ▪️▪️𝘐𝘕𝘍𝘖▪️▪️🏨[Scenic Spot Information]📍Address: Huanghe International Ecological City, Qihe County, Dezhou City 💰Price: Adult 99/person, student 79/person #Come to Oulebao when you play water #[/cp]
26 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
梓童-喵-[Fun] Compared with some big hot springs, the scale of Peacock King is not that big. The function is still very complete, enough to play with the baby. There is also a children’s pool. The bubble machine is turned on regularly, the water temperature is appropriate, the service is in place, and the water quality is clean. There is a leisure area on the second floor, where children can play with adults. [Scenery] Bright Southeast Asian style, exquisite and tasteful decoration. The hot spring is very comfortable and well ventilated. Meals are also convenient, all a la carte buffet is available, and the quality is guaranteed. The outdoor amusement facilities are still being built, and we hope to build them soon. We will come to play.
49 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
_We***43Newly opened. . not bad. . Our six adults and two children had fun together. . The lunch buffet is also good. The receptionist is not very skilled. Need to increase the processing speed. . .

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About Qihexian

Qihe County is under the jurisdiction of Dezhou City, located in the western part of Shandong Province. Qihe has a profound cultural heritage and is rich in tourism resources. The territory has many historical and cultural resources such as the Yingying and Dinghui Temples, alongside modern cultural attractions such as the Shi Zhuangxiang Memorial Hall and the Tomb of the Martyr Meng Xiangbin. There are also scenic spots that combine nature and leisure such as the Daqinghe Scenic Area or the Yellow River Fishing Park.

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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Qihexian
Oct 18, 2021 Qihexian Weather: Clear, Northerly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 93%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:22/17:33
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Here are the best places to visit in Qihexian, including: Quancheng Oulebao Menghuan Shijie - European-Themed Amusement Park,Quancheng Ocean and Polar World,Oulebao Hot Springs Resort
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