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Things To Do in Qinghai

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E34***63One of the largest salt lakes in China. This is quite a spectacular sight.  It's also known as mirror lake. The picture opportunities are superb with the endless lake and sky in front of you. You can get a small sightseeing train (50RMB) or you can walk around. You can also rent some rubber boots to walk into the salt lake (10RMB). This is a fun experience.  Located in Caka area a few hours outside of Xining.
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Historical Architecture
E29***85A practising monastery, a solemn place. Catch bus 909 from Xining and get off the bus at the terminus. The monstery is a short stroll away.
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E34***63Note this is the 'local entrance' not the 'main entrance'. No ticket is required for this and much less people. Enormous salt lake, this one is a little different to Caka in that you can't see the salt. It's a protected lake, so no entering it, no swimming, no fishing etc. It's such a peaceful place, perfect for self reflection and quiet contemplation.  And the picture opportunities are incredible.  One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen in China. You can ride horses, bikes or yaks around, or just walk and enjoy the moment. Lots of homestay and restaurants around. Good local food. Must visit in Qinghai. Around 3 hours from Xining city
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Theme Park
M37***54[Personal play guide] The location is located in Duoba Town, Huangzhong District, I personally recommend to drive, go west from the city and the high speed is very fast, friends without a car can take a tour 2 from the city to the east gate of Tongmeng Park. First enter from the east gate and take a guide map. According to the recommended routes above (parent-child route and couple route), you can clearly go to play. We can choose to go to the aquarium nearby, where there will be beluga mermaid and dolphin performances, and we can also feed some naive little animals. Next, if we have children, we can go to Tongmeng Kingdom, which has video game city, naughty castle, etc. This is the world of children. Then at noon, we can go to Silk Road Town or Pomegranate Seed Si to taste delicious food. In the afternoon, we can experience stimulating projects such as big pendulum, torrential advancing, jumping machine and so on in the land park, and then when it is almost sunset, we can go to the iconic Qinghai Eye of Tongmeng Park, which can be overlooked from the Ferris wheel. In the children's dream paradise under the sunset, it is highly recommended for couples to check in. The last play-day we will definitely be very tired, this is the time we can go to Tongmeng Water World, take a bath in the hot spring medicine pool to relax. [Personal recommendation] 1. It is best to stay here for two days, otherwise you will be in a hurry. You can stay in Ocean Resort Hotel, Silk Road Inn or Swan Castle Boutique Hotel. 2. Those who want to go to the water world are best to bring their own swimsuits. Of course, they are also sold inside, but they are more expensive. 3. Friends who like to take photos can go to Silk Road Town and Tongmeng Castle. 4. Those who like to taste food must go to the pomegranate seed garden. 5. Friends who don't want to line up can choose to go there on weekdays, almost no need to queue.
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fcy911The Tour of Qinghai Lake is the top Asian race and the world's highest international road cycling race. It is held in Qingqing and surrounding provinces in July. One stop is at Erlangjian Scenic Area. Erlangjian Scenic Area is located in the southeast of Qinghai Lake, 151km from Xining, here is also known as the 151 base. Erlangjian scenic area is deep into Qinghai Lake, there are grassland, beach, animal-based ecological natural resources, here can see many famous salmon, salmon every year 6~ July to swim in the source river spawning. Every year when the rape flowers bloom, the scenery here is very beautiful.
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Geological Sites
夏吹夏夜风Legendary Eastern Switzerland, Zhuoer Mountain Scenic Area 〽️ There is Snow Mountain Grassland ❄️ Alpine Vegetation 🌲 Blue Sky White Cloud ☁️ The Red Danxia Landform 🌋 The Yongming Highway 🐾 The Sutras fluttering in the sun 🎪 Like a Wonderland, it is refreshing. 👉Zhuoer Mountain Tibetan is called "Zongmu Makama", which means the beautiful red queen. In front of this vast beauty, the Tibetan language is really appropriate. 👣 We climbed from the foot of the mountain, and the beauty of the scenery and the view were extremely wide along the way. The air is particularly fresh 🍃 In the mountains and fields, the feeling is not comfortable, the heart is so good and comfortable, I want to be able to freeze the time at this moment. 🔺 The best tour season in Zhuoer Mountain is 7-8 Month, the rape flower season in full bloom. Although we missed the rape flower season, Not golden oyster oil green, but there are ice sleet ❄️ is dry grass, bringing different beauty. There is a cabin under the scenic spot 🏘 but the off-season may be closed ❌ but you can see the little antelope 🐑✅[Qilianzhuoer Mountain Scenic Area] Ticket 80RMB/person (including sightseeing car); From November to the real off-season, the price starts half! ⚠️Tips: There is an A/B line, which goes in from 🅰️ line, go back from line A, otherwise it will take 4 hours to drive to the other side of the mountain! So don't go back to the wrong line.

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People's ParkXining,China

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Mount LaoyeXining,China

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Atomic City Scenic AreaHaibei,China

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Nanchan (Southern Zen) TempleXining,China

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Xi'ning Children ParkXining,China

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Fachuang TempleXining,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Qinghai, including: Chaka Salt Lake,Emerald Lake,Kelukehu Tourism Area
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