Qinghai Lake
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E34***63E34***63One of the largest salt lakes in China. This is quite a spectacular sight.  It's also known as mirror lake. The picture opportunities are superb with the endless lake and sky in front of you. You can get a small sightseeing train (50RMB) or you can walk around. You can also rent some rubber boots to walk into the salt lake (10RMB). This is a fun experience.  Located in Caka area a few hours outside of Xining.
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E34***63E34***63Note this is the 'local entrance' not the 'main entrance'. No ticket is required for this and much less people. Enormous salt lake, this one is a little different to Caka in that you can't see the salt. It's a protected lake, so no entering it, no swimming, no fishing etc. It's such a peaceful place, perfect for self reflection and quiet contemplation.  And the picture opportunities are incredible.  One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen in China. You can ride horses, bikes or yaks around, or just walk and enjoy the moment. Lots of homestay and restaurants around. Good local food. Must visit in Qinghai. Around 3 hours from Xining city
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fcy911fcy911The Tour of Qinghai Lake is the top Asian race and the world's highest international road cycling race. It is held in Qingqing and surrounding provinces in July. One stop is at Erlangjian Scenic Area. Erlangjian Scenic Area is located in the southeast of Qinghai Lake, 151km from Xining, here is also known as the 151 base. Erlangjian scenic area is deep into Qinghai Lake, there are grassland, beach, animal-based ecological natural resources, here can see many famous salmon, salmon every year 6~ July to swim in the source river spawning. Every year when the rape flowers bloom, the scenery here is very beautiful.
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E40***48E40***48Perfect spot for sunset...... With breezes blowing from qinghai sea... Blue sea.... Sun and moon mountain...
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尕宝子浪青海尕宝子浪青海[Scenic] Can be called the world's peach source, Qinghai one of the most beautiful places [fun] self-driving fun unlimited [price/performance] after opening, it is highly recommended to go to Bird Island to play.
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中西南北东中西南北东First, you need to know a few names, or it will be confused. In the 1950s, gold and silver beach grassland built a nuclear base, here became the cradle of China's nuclear weapons, because of its size, so called the atomic city. After the reform and opening, here declassified to local governments, so there is a formal place name, Weiqinghai Haibei Haitang County Xihai Town. The location of the video is the central location of the Jinyintan grassland, you can see the grassland around the mountains, atomic city's second factory is located here. The first atomic bomb in China was loaded here on a train to Lobopo...

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Nov 28, 2021 Qinghai Lake Weather: Cloudy| Northeasterly Wind: 17–25 kph| Humidity: 28%| Sunrise/Sunset: 08:11/18:03
Qinghai Lake Travel: Use Caution| Umbrella: Not Required| UV Strength: Very Low

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Here are the best places to visit in Qinghai Lake, including: Chaka Salt Lake,Qinghai Lake,Qinghai Lake Erlangjian Scenic Area
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