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City Park
_We***04The park is very convenient to park, the garden design is full of green flowers, the murals are the good people of Liang Shanshui, the Jingyanggang of Wusong beat tiger, the essence of the reversion scene of lying stone, the fountain makes people stop to take pictures, very suitable for play and exercise
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亮亮Seriously popularize the unpopular historical knowledge [呲牙], the gap between historical facts and art! [laid back] "Wu Dalang" was originally named Wu Zhi, from Wujiana Village, Qinghe County. The real person is tall and tall. According to the archeological calf length, Wu Dalang is about 1.8 meters. He looks good, and he is not a cook. He is completely different from the image described in "Water Margin". Wu Zhi's wife, Pan's Jinlian, is from the Jinzhuang family in Qinghe County. Is a lady of everybody. At the beginning, Wu Zhi worked in the Pan family and was honest and diligent, so Pan Jinlian's father promised his daughter to Wu Zhi. After the artistic processing of Mr. Shi Nai'an, it became known as Pan Jinlian. In the work, Wu Dalang’s younger brother Wu Song is actually more than 270 years older than Wu Dalang. He was from the Song Dynasty, while Wu Dalang lived in the Ming Dynasty and was not from the same era at all.
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jnwalkman36Qinghe County does not have any beautiful scenery or rich history and culture. The local people used the wool textile industry to develop the cashmere market, and the application technology of wool has been carried forward here.
Nearby City
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甘榜布提尔翟让Although it is artificial, but melting the essence of the gardens in the south of the river, in the north is rare. The famous name of the many, cultural atmosphere. Only the surrounding environment general, urban infrastructure more earthy.
Nearby City
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_We***89Just go there and transfer your mind and let go of the troubles of the world
Nearby City
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Historical Architecture
清微之风The night view of Shantouji is also very beautiful, the public park next to it is a good place for people to walk after dinner.

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Wusong ParkXingtai,China

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Fayun TempleXingtai,China

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5G Huoli Bengchuang Theme ParkXingtai,China

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Wushi Culture Art MuseumXingtai,China

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Wuzhi TombXingtai,China

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ShiDai BuXingJieXingtai,China

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Oct 18, 2021
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Oct 18, 2021 Qinghe Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 10–17 kph, Humidity: 44%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:27/17:38
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