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杨昕祎One of the four largest grottoes in Gansu, together with the Jingchuannan Grotto Temple, is called "Sister Grottoes in Longdong". There is no bus to Qingyang. I took a bus from Pingliang for about three hours. Then I took the shuttle bus from Qingyang North Bus Station to Zhenyuan. When I passed by Beishiku Temple, I would talk to my master. Tickets are 30, three caves are open, and the visit is completed in half an hour. To return to Pingliang as early as possible, there will be no cars late. The latest is the Qingyang Passenger Transport Center, which is also the South Bus Station, and the last one is at 5 pm.
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M29***62Xiaokongtong Mountain is located in Dongzhi Township, Xifeng District, Qingyang City, Gansu Province. It is named "Sister Mountain" because of its relationship with Kongtong Mountain in Pingliang. It is also called Wuliang Mountain and Phoenix Mountain because of the temple of the god Wuliang Patriarch of Zhenshan and its nest-like landscape.
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Cultural Experiencial Area
小溪001One of the most recommended scenic spots around Qingyang, the national 4A-level scenic spot, the cultural heritage of Zhou Zu and Qi Bo, there are many scenic spots inside, and the investment is relatively large! About two miles from the mountain, there is the Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Museum, the Waterwheel Garden, and the Altar Farming Culture Museum. There is the Nordic Style Garden a little further away! There is a Mawei Post at the foot of the mountain. I uploaded some photos of the surrounding area of Zhouzu Mausoleum. The scenic area and the museum did not take pictures!
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天鹅湖的青蛙The largest area is over 900 square kilometers, and the northwest plateau is not much flat. The larger area is called Tong! August to October is the most concentrated period of Dong Zhiyuan rainfall. The original and the largest drop of Python reach 200 meters. The slope of the slope makes the soil and water easy to lose.
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幸福人生LOVEQianfu Mountain Forest Park is located in Qianfu Mountain, just north of Zhenyuan County, Gansu Province. It is 450 meters long from east to west and 160 meters wide from north to south, covering an area of 12,000 square meters. Qianfu Mountain has a history of more than 1,800 years (2008). The park is named after Wang Fu, a well-known thinker and political commentator in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, lived in seclusion here, "On the Latent." There are more than a hundred ancient cypress trees planted by Wang Fu while he was writing a book. It was rated as a national AA-level tourist attraction in 2006. Qianfu Mountain Forest Park has been built since 1987. The Qianfu Pavilion, Xinghua Pavilion, Tongming Palace, Youde Temple, Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition Hall, Martyrs Cemetery, Martyrs Exhibition Hall, Yiyuan, Qinyuan, Youyuan, and ancient city walls have been built. There are more than 30 kinds of scenic trees such as ancient cypresses, national locust trees and more than 30,000 plants and various flowers in the park. The colors are colorful and the scenery is pleasant.
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Memorial Hall
M29***62Nanliang Revolutionary Memorial Hall is located in Liyuanbao Village, Nanliang Town, Huachi County, Qingyang City. It is the seat of the former Soviet government of Shaanxi-Gansu Border. It is a national patriotism education demonstration base, a national defense education base, and the first batch of one hundred classic red tourism scenic spots in the country. The memorial hall is composed of gate towers, archways, monuments, exhibition halls, reliefs, government sites, Qingyin Building, etc.

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Qingyang Travel Tips

About Qingyang

Qingyang is located in the far east of Gansu Province, where Shaanxi, Gansu, and Ningxia meet. It is located in a channel on the middle stretches of the Yellow River on the Loess Plateau. Qingyang City is one of the locations where Chinese agriculture developed, where the ancestor of the Zhou dynasty Bu Zhu initiated the beginnings of agriculture. The Zhouzuling (“Zhou Ancestor Tomb”) Forest Park comprises the Zhou Ancestral Culture Scenic Area (周祖文化景区) and the Agriculture Cultural Experience Park (农耕文化体验园). Qingyang is also the home of the Huanjiang Pterosaur, Yellow River Stegodon, and China’s first paleolithic excavation site.

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Oct 16, 2021 Qingyang Weather: Clear, Northeasterly Wind: 0–10 kph, Humidity: 95%, Sunrise/Sunset: 06:56/18:13
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Here are the best places to visit in Qingyang, including: Northern Cave Temple,Zhouzu Mausoleum Forest Park,Xiaokongtong Sichuan Food Restaurant
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