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Things To Do in Qingyuan

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M48***92Very good. I suggest you want to go instead of rushing to the weekend. Go to window 1234 early to book a ticket. It is best for another person to check in the baggage. This is the most efficient. It is very exciting. You must pay attention to sunscreen, give me dry sparrow black
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M48***41Good scenery, good air, good distance, cool temperature, suitable for family and parenting activities, relaxing and close to nature is a very good place.  
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_We***62Yulong Creek is a scenic spot just developed in the past two years. There are not many tourists. The vegetation of the scenic spot is very lush. It is one and a half hours drive from Shenyang. The scenic spot has a climb to see the maple leaf line and a small stream path line. Because the knee joint is not properly exercised and there are injuries, the small stream path line is chosen. The whole trip is more than 2 hours, and finally you have to climb the 600 meters of the altitude to go to the sightseeing car to get to the parking lot. The previous route was beautiful, the stream was very enjoyable, but the last 600 meters is very tired. It is 16 yuan cheaper for two people than buying two at the attractions. Parking is free. For your reference only!
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137***96The scenic area is not big, there are not many people, the mountains and rivers are accompanied by the rivers and rivers, the cruise ship is rippling, the plank road is winding, riding the cruise ship is like a middle-distance painting, and walking the plank road is like a paradise. All tours can be completed in one hour. It’s just that the scenic area is not good at business and does not release water to raise fish. That is to say, it is contracted to private management, and only veterans over 80 years old are exempt from tickets. They are derailed from society. No wonder the investment in Shanhaiguan is not enough. Suggest, adjust the business philosophy, as a Fushun person, hope to get better and better.
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M61***38Because I didn't go rafting in the Red River Valley with my children, I came here after consulting. Maybe the water drop is not too big, so you can bring your children to play together. It's a pity that I didn't bring my phone to take pictures because I was afraid of water. The play process was unexpectedly good. The old Northeast customers are all very good. They won't splash us when they see the children. Their fighting with each other is still very tragic, haha.
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Ancient Settlement
旅游桌椅This is the birthplace of the ancestor of the Qing Dynasty Nurhachi and the castle, saigu, Hanwanggong, academies, etc. built by his distinguished achievements. The water well, lotus pond, military training ground, stage, etc., can be swim for two to four hours on foot ☆