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Memorial Temple
Historical Site
孙张之旅80The cloudy weather is even less touristy. The land is not small, the buildings are repaired, many Shang and Zhou figures, history, as well as relics, legends, constitute a historical picture of the effect, to be carefully and seriously appreciate!
245 Reviews
Historical Site
137***28The Wuzhangyuan (now in the territory of Guojiapo, Daishan County, Baoji City) where the soldiers of Zhuge Liang and Shiba were confronted during the Three Kingdoms period, was also known to have died of illness. Founded in the Yuan Dynasty to the early Yuan Dynasty (AD 1246), most of them are self-driving and traveling with a group. I am not self-driving. The short haired Miss Sister who is beautiful and kind will take a heavy shoulder bag and let me visit easily. Thank you 🙏
9 Reviews
扶疏子Located 30 kilometers northeast of Qishan County, it is more than 1,600 meters above sea level. The mountain has two divergences, namely, the east and west peaks face each other, and the middle is a gap, shaped like an arrow, so it gets its name. It is also rumored that when Emperor Taizong Li Shimin of the Tang Dynasty was digging the road to Jiucheng Palace, there was a very narrow place, the stone wall was hard, and the people's strength was difficult to dig, so he asked General Wei Chi Jingde to shoot with an arrow. The piles of earth and rocks were opened up, so it was called "Jian Huoling", which was later passed by word of mouth and read as "Jian Kuo Ling".
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City Park
扶疏子Qishan County Fengming Lake Ecological and Cultural Park is located on both sides of Qi-Cai Road on the Hengshui River in the south of Qishan County. It has a planned area of 600 acres and is divided into two areas, five parks and ten scenic spots. Sexual public welfare place.
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Theme Park
M93***03Don't be fooled, everyone who is scammers will exist in name only.
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天鹅湖的青蛙Here is the place of the four bronzes of Wei Gong, a sexual Wei's brother in the Zhou Dynasty, do fur business, do the Son of Heaven. It is the official who manages fur coats. These bronzes describe how he became a Zhou Gong official through business, and then exchanged his mink coat for the land of the old nobles.

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Tangmusen Dongman Amusement ParkBaoji,China

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Zhou Gong TempleBaoji,China

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Qishanxian MuseumBaoji,China

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Baiyungu TempleBaoji,China

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Xinshidai Youle SquareBaoji,China

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Here are the best places to visit in Qishan, including: Zhou Gong Temple,Wuzhangyuan Zhuge Liang Temple,Zhouyuan Museum
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