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Things To Do in Richmond

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E43***46The tubing that they Have is absolutely amazing, definitely a great outing for a group of friends or a family event.
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Hanyang44The Museum of the Confederacy (The Museum of the Confederacy) is located in downtown Richmond, Virginia, very close to the Virginia State Capitol, a few minutes’ walk away. Richmond was the Confederate States of America (The Confederate States of America, or CSA, also translated as "Confederate States of America", "Confederate States of America", or "Confederate States of America") during the American Civil War. The Confederate Museum is with the Confederate White House. The White House of The Confederacy (White House of The Confederacy) is a white residential building. It was originally the private residence of a rich man in Richmond and later belonged to the city of Richmond. In 1861, Jefferson Davis was elected president of the Confederacy by the southern regime. Between 1861-1865, the Confederate States rented this house from the Richmond City Government, and Davis, his wife and children moved in. After the defeat of the Confederate Army, Davis fled Richmond. Now, the interior rooms and their furnishings have been restored according to their original appearance. Davis' office is upstairs. Now, tall hospital buildings have been built nearby, and the "Confederate Museum" and the "Confederate White House" appear to be very small.
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E43***46Great Experience, it has everything you are looking for when going out for a night on the town, great restaurants, bars, shops, ice cream and occasionally live bands.. def a must when in the area.
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M32***23[View]Edgar Allan Poe MuseumThere are regular volunteers to explain, the language is fast, the English is good, don't miss [interest] display is neat, very clean, the style of the small villa's former residence [price/performance] is uniquely located.
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Historical Architecture
sculptorThe Virginia Capitol building is the seat of the state government of Virginia. It is located in Richmond, the capital of Virginia in the United States. It is the oldest elected legislature in North America, the Virginia Congress, which was first established in 1619. The State House was designed by Thomas Jefferson and Charles-Louis Clérisseau of France based on Maison Carrée in Nimes. It was built in 1785 and completed in 1788.
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M30***41Stopped by the Diamond during the off season to see the park and buy some items.